Zero Online: Academy Recruitment

Academy Recruitment (April 17-May 15)
Duration April 17-May 15, 2009
Requires Level 1 (Only for new registered characters) 
Prizes Silver Badge + 1,470 Free Zero Points 
It is said that the new expansion is coming in May 22, 2009. To get prepared for the Expanding Horizon, the Military Academy is recruiting new pilots. Of course, the academy will award a silver badge to the recruits, as well as 1,470 Free Zero Points. These free offers can help you leveled up very quickly and get better equipped.
1. You directly receive a silver badge once you finish creating your character. This badge can grant you 7 days’ privileges, including online/offline training, bonus exp, special offers for trading items with the merchant NPCs, free cores…
Type: [Special Item]
Enjoy 7 days benefits: Online training, Offline training, Instant revive, thruster energy boost, extra 20% monster Exp, extra 30% discount at Venderbots, 30% higher price selling to Venderbots; Daily FREE core, No EXP lost at death, Curse Pkers.
2. The free Zero Points can be claimed in 15 days. One time a day. The only requirement is that you are a hard-worker, and not afraid of a challenge.
3. You are eligible to claim the desired points once you meet the level requirements. If you miss one day’s chance, you can only claim that day’s points the next day, for example, if you miss the 10th day’s prize, you can only claim the 10th day’s prize on the 11th day, you will wait until the 12th day to claim the 11th day’s prize, and so on, that means you will miss the 15th day’s prize forever.
Tips for getting all free Zero Points:
1. Make full use of your silver badge. After you use this badge, you can gain online training exp whenever you are online, and also get 15 hours’ offline training time for 1.5 hours online time every day. To make your character level up very quickly, you can make your character stand in a safe place when you have no time to play, or you can train your character offline when you have to shut down the game client.
2. Remember to claim your free Zero Points once you meet the level requirements.
Remember, you have only 15 days. You can claim all the prizes, or go your own way. It’s all up to you.
With free Zero Points, you can:
1. Purchase valuable items from the Shopping Mall. The purchased items cannot be traded to anyone (including trade partners);
2. Upgrade your weapon proficiency, weapon skills and pilotage;
3. Shorten your unit’s cooling time after your unit’s CAP is upgraded;
4. Socket your weapons, gears and cores;
5. Pay to get the 2nd and 3rd lottery chance when you make the 2nd socket on your core;
6. Repair the destructible facilities in the Fleet War;
7. Upgrade the CAP of your units;
8. Upgrade the CAP of your modules.

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