Zero Online: Anniversary Salute

In order to celebrate the victories over the Othello invaders during the past year, the Alliance have prepared several Salute Mortars for the celebration on Steel Warship. Let’s forget the hardships on the battlefields and look forward to the brighter future!

Nevertheless, the tedious Othello bastards have just stolen our Mortar Shells, which are used for firing the Salute Mortars.

See the golden gunneries there? Those are our Salute Mortars. But without the Mortar Shells, they are just decorations. Obviously, we don’t need such luxurious things. And more importantly, our celebration shouldn’t be that quiet.

Now, it’s time for the Othello invaders to pay for what they have done! Let’s retrieve the Mortar Shells which are indispensable for our celebration!

Bravo! The atmosphere of the anniversary celebration will be greatly enhanced with your efforts! Keep on moving!

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