Zero Online Celebrates it’s Second Anniversary With a BUNCH of Events!

To celebrate the two year anniversary of Zero Online there are a truckload of in-game events taking place between the 10th and the 16th of September.
1. Alliance Carnival (September 10th – 16th)
You can go to the Gift Box on Steel Warship every hour to claim a Carnival Gift for free. You will also win some ZPs (bound) with just a little bit of luck!
2. Anniversary Salute (September 13th)
To celebrate the great carnival, we have prepared to fire some mortars as a salute to our troops! You can kill Othello forces to reclaim the Mortar Shells needed for the salute celebration and claim your reward.
3. Carnival Cake (September 10th & 16th)
You can talk to Andrew to acquire the cake recipes and gather ingredients from the Othello. In this way, you will be able to make Lower Cake, Ordinary Cake, or Higher cake. Different cakes make for different rewards.
4. Chocolate Workshop (September 11th, 4:00 – 23:30)
As we known, chocolate symbolizes love and romance. If you want to share a piece of chocolate with your lover, don’t forget to participate in this event. Find Octovia to learn how to make chocolates, but remember that only the female pilots are permitted to make chocolates. If you are a male pilot, hurry up and find your spouse now!
5. Crystal City (September 10th – 16th, at specific time)
On a far away planet, there is buried an ancient cache of treasures in a place called Crystal City. Since it is a dangerous trip, only pilots above level 50 are allowed to enter the gate! Come to Crystal City and open the boxes for your treasure!
6. Egg Smash (September 10th – 16th, at specific time)
In the arena, there are plenty of gold eggs on the ground. Just smash them with your Steel Hammer, you will get your reward! Sometimes, there will be a big monster hiding in the egg to attack you. If you can defeat it successfully, you will receive extra rewards.
7. Extreme Hurdle Race (September 10th – 16th, at specific time)
Running at full speed is a something everyone enjoys. Every pilot has a chance to test their limits in our carnival now. You should try to reach the endpoint as fast as you can while avoiding attacks from cannons and defenders along the way to your target location. Your reward depends on how fast you can finish the race.
8. Extreme Simulation (September 10th – 16th, at specific time)
There are 9 kinds of enemies in this field, each of which is quite special and needs you to charge one transform skill to defeat. So try your best to defeat 9 Thunder Warriors to prove yourself a truth fighter and claim some presents.
9. Galaxy City (September 10th – 16th, at specific time)
Space pirates like to bury their treasure in beautiful places or buildings. You can kill Aron Pirates to salvage any treasures they might have. You can find Cordy to sign up for this mission and claim an Electronic Pickaxe from Captain Red. Remember to keep an eye on the powerful Argo Rogues.
10. Mechsorption Pursuit (September 14th)
It is high time for us to strike back against the Othello bandits! Those Pod Mechs are the keys to our vengeance. You can hand your masterpiece to Clark to claim your reward! If you can offer up 4 types for the Ultra Mechs, you will get an extra reward!
11. Military Review (September 10th – 16th, at specific time)
In this Carnival, the annual Military Review will be held as usual. All we need to inspect is whether pilots like you are familiar enough with Zero’s world. You will receive an order from the commander every minute. According to the orders, you need to proceed to the corresponding zone within one minute. You will get 20 orders to complete in each round. Have fun!
12. Piglet, the Patrolman (September 10th – 16th, at specific time)
You must have seen them before and their big ears always leave an impression. This time, they are here to give out presents! What you need to do is to go follow them and pick up the things they may drop. You need to pick up these materials and finish the corresponding quests to win the ultimate reward! Good luck!
13. Pollution Prevention (September 10th – 16th, at specific time)
It is our duty to save the universe from all kinds of pollution, isn’t it? You can talk to Cordy to enter the campaign and begin infiltrating an Othello base. Their security system will change the password every ten minutes randomly. But don’t worry, our new technology has completely cracked the system and will tell you the new password every time it changes. You just need to input the new one to hack the whole system. Then you will save the universe from nuclear pollution. You will receive a great deal of rewards for succeeding.
14. Snowmen Meltdown (September 10th – 16th, at specific time)
You must miss the times when you made a snowman and had a snowball fight with your little friends. From September 10th to the 16th, the alliance would like to invite all pilots to join in the Snowmen Meltdown to re-experience those moments with us. You may be rewarded with Rose Quartz, Sapphires, EXP or various kinds of Zero Points (bound) Packs!
15. Universal Sheepherder (September 10th – 16th, at specific time)
The alliance has invented some mech sheep with advanced nano technology. This time, your mission is to head to the enemy’s military base and escort them out of there. Teamwork will be the most effective way to accomplish this mission. Don’t forget to protect the mech sheep while eliminating enemies! Have fun!
16. Warship Casino (September 12th & 15th, 4:00 – 23:00)
Welcome to the fabulous Warship Casino! Officer Chelsea will provide our hard-working Alliance pilots the chance to be billionaires! All you need to do is find Officer Chelsea on the Steel Warship to start placing your bets! Good luck to everyone!
17. Werewolves Elimination (September 10th – 16th, at specific time)
The werewolves’ target is the Moon Fortress, which is the Alliance’s stronghold. Officer Cordy is recruiting soldiers to defend against this invasion. There are 4 types of Werewolves: Alda, Swanda, Icho, and Hollis. Complete this mission and you will be awarded with ZPs (bound), EXP and gold.
Congratulations to Zero Online!
For more information on the individual events you can check the eventpages on the official Zero Online website.

Zero Online - Two Year Anniversary Events

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