Zero Online Event Preview: April

Zero Online Event Preview: April



April is around the corner! It will be a special month for all the Alliance pilots. The New Expansion – Galactic Armada will be launched into the mysterious Zero Online world at the end of April. In order to celebrate this occasion, TQ has prepared lots of exciting events, new updates and new functions for their loyal players. Let’s see what will happen in ZO, and what TQ will bring to us this month!

1. Weekend Event – Easter Egg Conversion (April 3 – 4)
From April 3rd to 4th, you can claim a Pod-Mech from the Pod-Generators and aid them in absorbing energy to transform into stronger and stronger forms. There are 4 different types of Pod-Mechs. Do not underestimate these seemingly defenseless machines! If you hand over all 4 types of Pod-Mechs to Clark together, you will get a chance to enter the Easter Lottery map and try your luck on other things! Good luck!

2. Weekend Event – Double EXP & Cores & Crystals (April 10 – 11)

All online players will be able to enjoy free Double Exp from April 10 to 11! To be exact, you can get 200% experience from killing enemies. Don’t forget to login to the game, where you will get +150% crystal drops and +100% core drops from killing enemies! Don’t miss out on a good chance to gain more cores and crystals!

3. Weekend Event – Alliance Carnival (April 17– 18)

During the event time, there will be a huge red box on the Steel Warship that is chock full of all kinds of gifts! What can you get from it? Just come online and try your luck every hour! You’ll have to make sure you have made it to at least level 80!

4. Prospective Missions for Expansion (April 21)
The construction work of the Stellar Base has begun. You can talk to Antonio in steel warship to help out with the construction work. You will notice that the Stellar Base is short of resources and the progress of the construction work is extremely slow! Weber is expecting someone to provide them some help! Try your best to finish the space warship! Standing beside it, you will witness a new era of the alliance. Have fun!

5. Bonus Surge for the Recruits (April 23)
If you register a new account and create a new character, you will be able to obtain a Newcomer Pack. It includes lots of amazing gifts worth up to $500: Military Badge (30 days), 30 Double EXP Potions, 28 EXP Recorders, Lucky Core Gift Packs, lots of Elite gears… What is more, you will be able to claim an ultra weapon when you reach level 145. How exciting, right?

6. Add 3 new Cutting-Edge A.R.Ms – Nuke Devastator/ Phantom Blazer/ Cyclone Stopper (April 28)
Officer Spike, the Alliance’s chief unit technician, has invented 3 kinds of new A.R.Ms for all the Alliance pilots. These Cutting-Edge A.R.Ms aren’t free, but this considerate man will show you all the 3 Cutting-Edge A.R.Ms before you make your decision. You can pay 60 ZPs (bound) for each of them: Nuke Devastator, Phantom Blazer and Cyclone Stopper.

Zero Online - Galactic Armada

7. Fleet Building (April 28)
Each fleet has their respective fleet base in which the fleet members can build structures with different function which will be useful in the brand new Fleet War. The higher level your fleet base is, the more warships you can build. The Maximum level of feel base is 10, and you can upgrade the fleet base once a day after the server maintenance.

8. 5 Fleet Missions – Reconnaissance/Warfare/Supply Collection/Item Collection/Enemy Head (April 28)
The battle against the Othellos took a turn for the worse. Brolin need more battle information to turn the situation. He has 5 Fleet Missions for you. Try your best to accomplish these missions, and then you will be rewarded with lots of EXP reward. Let us unite together and expel the Othellos from our space!

9. Warship Building (April 28)
Warship is the essential military hardware for space war, and you should know that only the fleet with warships can enter the space war. Warships fall into 2 types: personal warship and fleet warship. You can build the warship in the Warship Dockyard in your fleet base. The higher level your fleet base is, the more docks you will have, and the more warships you can build. The fleet members who meet the requirements are able to build 8 kinds of Warships.

10. Warship Purchase (April 28)
Fleet members can purchase the warship of their fleet, but you can only purchase the finished warship. You need to pay some money for the warship you purchased. Better warship costs more.

11. Space War (April 28)
A large scale space war is about to debut. It is held from 7:50 to 8:50 each Saturday. 7:50pm – 8:20pm is the boarding time. 8:20pm – 8:50pm is the space war time. Between 8:20pm – 8:35pm, warships which are ready for them battle can still enter the space war. You will be notified before the war starts. Crews can gain exploits by attacking enemy warships, side guns and fighters. The exploit amount depends on the damage the crew member inflicts on the enemy target. After the space war, ZP will be awarded to the crews according to their exploits.

With so many cool things coming, how will you be able to do everything? April is indeed a special month for all of the Alliance pilots. Don’t miss your chance to have fun and fight for glory! For more details, you can pay attention to our official website.

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