Zero Online Event Preview: February

Zero Online Event Preview: February


In order to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day, TQ have prepared lots of fun events for their loyal players. Let’s see what will happen in ZO and what TQ will bring to you this month!


Online Events:

Bonus Surge for the Recruits (February)
Do you want to win gifts worth up to $500? If you register a new account and create a new character, you will be able to obtain a Newcomer Pack. It includes lots of amazing items: Military Badge (30 days), 30 Double EXP Potions, 28 EXP Recorders, Lucky Core Gift Pack, 3 sets of Elite gears (the third set has an Ultra weapon)…


Zero Online - Discover Yourself Here!

Make Snowmen (February 6 – 7)

You can find Eileen and pay some gold to enter the Pure Land! You will be rewarded with 3 event points by finding the lost costumes for the robot snowman – Tommy. And then you can exchange the event points for some amazing gifts!

Zero Online - Build a Snow Man


Sales promotion Event (February 12 – 16)
Most items in the ZP mall will be sold at a 20% discount, except some appointed items. There will be big discounts all over the game, and that means you have a chance to purchase items from the ZP mall at a very cheap price! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get something good.

Valentine’s Day Event (February 12 – 16)
Love and romance are the eternal theme of Valentine’s Day! To celebrate this special day, the Alliance government will prepare 6 fun online events for our cool pilots!

Toy Chamber
If you have a Chamber Ticket, you can talk to Rufus and enter the Toy Chamber! The surprise is that all the robot dolls have lots of precious presents on them! All the pilots in the chamber should hurry and claim one from each doll! What are the precious presents? 10 Fantasy Fireworks, 10 Legendary Fireworks, 10 Splendid Fireworks, 10 Eternal Fireworks, 1000 Sapphires, 2000 Sapphires, 1500 Sapphires or 10 Amethysts etc.! Don’t miss it!

Dream Ballroom
The Alliance will hold a ball during Valentine’s Day. Let’s have a good time in Sky Ballroom! You can give the Ball Invitation to Serena on Steel Warship, and then you can enter the Sky Ballroom and join the Ball! Talk with the guests and answer their questions! If your answer is correct, you’ll receive a nifty reward! Even if your answer is wrong, you’ll get a consolation prize! Everyone’s a winner!

Chocolate Workshop
To all the female pilots, let’s have a sweet chocolate Valentine’s Day! It’s said that if you make a chocolate in the Chocolate Hut and give it to your lover, you will have eternal love! You can talk to Shirley on the Steel Warship to enter the Chocolate Hut. Only female pilots can enter and learn how to make chocolates from Elaine! As for the male pilots, you will get to receive the chocolates from the ladies! Feel the love and miracles will happen when eating chocolates!

Endless Love
Do you still remember Elaine from the Chocolate Hut? She will give Red Roses to male pilots as a reward, if they pass through her tough tests. After you give the Red Roses to Canossa, he will feel better. In return, he will give you a reward! The more roses you give, the better the reward! After Canossa receives more than 9999 Red Roses in a day, all the pilots will receive an hour of double EXP time! Let’s send our blessings to the lonely people, and we’ll be blessed as well!


Zero Online - Valentines Event



Rose Fortress
The Othellonians are attacking the Rose Fortress again! You must stop them from ruining our Valentine’s Day! The Steel Warship has sent out an order that all pilots should take report to battle stations and fight against the Othellonians! Pilots can sign up with Thatcher on the Steel Warship from 20:00 to 20:20, then Thatcher will teleport you to the Rose Fortress at once! Your mission is to defend the Rose Fortress till 20:20! If you can defeat 100 Dark Commanders and 500 Dark Warriors during that time, you’ll receive special rewards from the Alliance!

Love Adventure
This Love Adventure is for male pilots to prove that you are a patient, courageous, clever and responsible man! Elaine will come up lots of questions for you and you are patient and correctly answer 2 questions continuously. So Elaine will give you a Patience Badge and a Rose Disc, which will guide you to complete all the tests! But you need to get other 3 badges from Elaine’s friends. Come on! Take part in the Love Adventure to be a perfect prince!

Weekend Event – Double Cores/Crystals (February 20 – 21)
Don’t forget to login to the game, where you will get +150% crystal drops and +20% core drops from killing enemies! Don’t miss out on a good chance to upgrade your unit’s attributes and your C.A.P. quickly! Have fun and good luck!

Weekend Event- War of Ursa Major (February 27 – 28)
If you want to be an MVP, don’t forget to join this war to prove your might to the Alliance! There are no level restrictions, and you will be rewarded with an Alliance Source Pack if you win! Sounds great, right? Don’t miss out!

Offline Events:

Share ZO screenshots and videos with your friends! (Long-term Event)
You can select a cool screenshot and promote it to other forums and communities. Also, you can record videos related with ZO and upload them to Youtube. After our verification, you will be rewarded with a bunch of ZPs (bound) if you meet the requirements!

Swap Your Online Time for Free Gift Packs!
The longer you play ZO, the better gift packs you can claim! 3 days is a cycle. If you play ZO for 15 hours in 3 days, you can get a lottery ticket; 18 hours for 50 ZPs; 30 hours for a Bronze-Badge-(Event), 45 hours for an Alliance’s Gift. Does it sound too good to be true? Don’t forget to join this fun and easy event to find out for yourself!

Valentine Day’s Event
You will be rewarded with lots of amazing gifts while you enjoy playing these fun flash games!

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