Zero Online: Event Preview: September

ZO’s second anniversary is drawing near! We have prepared a string of fun events for its arrival. Let’s take a look!

1. Weekend Double Experience Event (September 5th to 6th)
You can gain double experience once you log into the game, and you will gain Quad Exp if you use a double exp potion at the same time.

2. ZO Carnival Online Event (September 10th to 16th)
In order to celebrate the second anniversary of Zero, we have decided to hold a great carnival. A carnival means party and what else? Gifts? Bingo! There will be 17 fun online events during this period. Don’t forget to join this fun party and win the great rewards!

3. ZO Carnival Offline Event
If you think 17 online missions are not enough, then come join our series of offline events! Don’t miss out on your good chance to win a bunch of ZPs(bound)!

4. Summon Friends back to Win Gifts of 200 USD!
Do you have a friend who has taken a break from Zero? Send them your invitation to come back and fight again. You will obtain a chance to play the lottery once and win a guaranteed prize! The value of the grand prize is 200 dollars! And the returning veteran can choose their desired Ultra weapon (bound) once you credit a TQ Point Card to your account. Now or never! Grasp this great chance to win amazing rewards!

5. Open the Expanding Horizon Season 2
We will add the No.5 – No.8 Fusion Units. The 4 male and 4 female units are as followed: Oroide Ares; Athena Exclamation; Solar Reaper; Aureole Fairy; Laser Eliminator; Trail Blazer; Doom Terminator; Galaxy Butterfly. After the update of the fusion mission, you will have the chance to gain two opposite class units by doing the Units Assembly. It will increase the fusion rate.

6. Fused Unit Upgrading Campaign
When we release the new fusion unit, we will hold a fused unit upgrading war. All of the fused units can participate in this event. As for the new fused units, we will give out another secret prize.

Sound great, right? Don’t hesitate to join these events. The next lucky winner could be you, so keep your eyes peeled! For the detailed information of these events, you can pay attention to our website.

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