Zero Online: Expanding Horizon Hyper-Energy Research

The pilots are anxious to research their new units and try to develop some of the available hyper-energy skills, so that they can command their fused units to dominate the vast and mystic universe.
Now let us enter the Hyper-energy Institute to reveal the secrets of the mysterious and powerful hyper-energy research.
Fusion Skill
After you complete the missions to learn the fusion skills, you can use it to fuse your unit with the ARMs. The fused unit not only has an exclusive appearance and stats, but also a distinct battle style and effects. You can also level up your fused unit to enjoy the awesome feeling of accomplishing something some say is impossible. Although it has none of its own equipment, it can use all the equipment that is in use before fusion. This has greatly reduced the cost of arming yourself, thereby making it attractive to higher ranked soldiers.
Potency Surge
Once you have completed the research of potency technology, your fused unit’s potency will surge and become much more powerful. You can use the potency field to increase your potency, and make your attacks increase in power and frequency. The hyper-energy research has greatly improved the battle abilities of the Alliance forces, and makes the pilots feel more confident than ever.
Quanta Defense
Do not underestimate the role played by the Quanta Defense. It is as important as the cores. If your unit has no Quanta Defense, it will be more vulnerable to the enemies. Once it is fully covered by the Quanta Defense, it can resist the damage from the enemies and protect you from being destroyed while you’re fighting. This can extend the battle duration of your units, and give you enough time to pull off that killing blow.
New Skills
Here, we are not talking about the fusion skills, but a new set of skills that are being perfected. So what are they? What other skills can the hyper-energy institute develop? All pilots know that the Overdrive skills are the most powerful skills in the Alliance’s arsenal. According to the reports from the Hyper-energy Institute, the scientists have developed some skills that are even more powerful than the Overdrive skills. Can these skills help the pilots clear the threat of the Othello invasion? Let’s wait and see!
Besides the fused unit and hyper-energy research, what else will the Expanding Horizon bring us? New regions to explore and treasures to find? More exciting news is coming! Don’t go away, and keep an eye on the official announcements as they are released!
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