Zero Online: May Events


Zero Online: May Events
In order to celebrate the forthcoming new expansion – Galactic Armada, Zero Online has annouced a string of fun events, new updates, and new functions for you to enjoy! Let us see what will happen in ZO this month!

1. New Function – Friend Trading System
Have you ever thought of buying or selling friends in-game? Now, ZO provides you such an amazing chance! If you get sold by your friend, you may be put into the slave market and work for your friend.

2. New Warship – X FighterNew Warship – X Fighter is a Carrier based, manned fighter, with the design totally focused on the maximum speed of the fighter. It can decelerate and impair the affects of the DF-Mod.

Zero Online - New Xfighter Warship

3. New mission – Vertical Limit
There will be 18 stages for you to enter into, and that means you will have the chance to win some amazing gifts! But nothing good in this world comes for free! You’ll need to pay to enter each stage. You will have the chance to win some great prizes, or even up to 138x your entry fee! Come and check it out for yourself!

4. New Function – Screenshot Onekey Upload
Is it troublesome to upload those screenshots by yourself? This new function will help you upload your screenshots with almost no effort at all! All you need to do is to press F12, and then a box will pop up and ask you to fill in some required information. After you do that, the screenshots will be automatically uploaded to the official website! It is so easy, right? Why not give it a shot at that time?

5. Cosmos Apocalypse 71–80
The world of ZO offers you the precious chance to explore the wide and mysterious cosmos. By joining the Cosmos Apocalypse, your piloting and unit will be put to the test! Upon completion, you won’t just claim items, but also an honorable title! You will be rewarded with a Genetic Resource Pack, a Lottery Pack, 2 Military Badges and 500 ZPs (Bound) by finishing the Cosmos Apocalypse Stages 71–80.

6. Routine Weekend Event – Othello’s Kr/Carry the Ores/The More The Merrier/Attack the Phantom/Dark Crystals (May 1 – 2 & May 15 – 16)
The recent solar storm has caused severe damage to the Alliance’s energy systems. If not enough energy ore is collected by the end of the month, the entire Alliance will grind to a halt, due to power shortages. To correct this power crisis, ZO will hold routine weekend events every Saturday and Sunday, where you can exchange Kr Ores you collect for ZPs! Time to do your part!

7. Routine Weekend Event & Endless Love (May 8 – 9)
Mother’s Day is a holiday when children honor their mothers with cards, gifts, and flowers. In many countries, people celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May, and this year, Mother’s Day falls on May 9th! So in addition to the new Routine Weekend Event coming, we will prepare a special event to celebrate it! You can take part in this “Endless Love” quest, to deliver red roses to Canossa and earn some amazing rewards!

8. Routine Weekend Event & Swap Online Time for Gift (May 22 – 23)

This weekend, ZO players who are above level 60 can claim 1 free gift from the kit, when you remain online for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 hours. Not only that, but you will have the chance to win a Military Badge, Double Exp Potion, Gene Module, +1 Chomsky Atom, +2 Chomsky Atom, +3 Chomsky Atom, Exp Recorder and Amethyst Pack! Good luck!

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