Zero Online: October Event Schedule

Although the their Carnival Event has come to a close, Zero Online have prepared lots of fun events as well as new functions for their loyal players in October! Let’s take a look!
1. Weekend Event – Double EXP Weekend (October 3rd – October 4th)
From October 3rd to October 4th, all online players can enjoy double experience status. To be exact, you can get 200% experience for killing enemies. The more enemies you kill, the more extra experience you’ll get. It is not the time to show mercy!
2. Weekend Event – Double Crystal and Cores Weekend (October 10th – October 11th)
There is a double Crystal/Cores Event this weekend. Don’t forget to login to the game, where you will get +150% crystal drops and +20% core drops from killing enemies! Don’t miss out on a good chance to gain more cores and crystals!
3. Weekend Event – Panda’s Gifts (October 17th – October 18th)
During this weekend, pandas will appear on the maps of Blaze Ocean, Earth Scar, Titan Icefield, Moon Fortress and Mars Wasteland every 15 minutes. Pandas will drop gift packs during their patrol, you can pick up the gift pack and open it to get some amazing rewards.
4. Weekend Event – The Tortoise and the Rabbit (October 24th – October 25th)
Everyone knows the old fable: the tortoise wins because of his persistence and the rabbit loses because he underestimates the tortoise. Now you are given the chance to change the result. Both the tortoise and the rabbit need your help to reach the finish line!
5. New Function – Genetic Reconstruction (October)
All Alliance pilots whose rank reaches 10 can obtain genetic modification by fulfilling the “Genetic Engineering” mission. You will need to reconstruct the genetic attributes and your potency will be increased by 10 for every genetic attribute that reaches 100%.
6. New Function – Extreme PK Tournaments (October)
Who is the PK king of Artillery/Infantry? Extreme PK Tournaments will unveil the answer for you. We will hold PK Tournaments for Artillery and Infantry separately. Don’t hesitate to join this tournament to prove your might to the Alliance and win your richly deserved rewards.
7. New Function – Institute Occupation (October)
Scientific advancement will benefit all people, but you especially if you can capture an institute. If you do, you will be able to collect one of the following rewards daily: meteor, red star, blue star, crystal and galaxy gold. You can search and occupy the institutes that appear randomly on some maps or challenge someone else for their institutes. Good luck and have fun!
8. New Function – Voice Chat System (October)
We will be adding the Voice Chat System to the ZO world. You can invite your friends to enter a chat room to communicate with each other freely at any time. No more headaches from typing!
9. War of Glory (October)
You can find the Mission Liaison Officer on the Steel Warship to sign up for the Spacecraft Missions – War of Glory. You are guaranteed to gain some gold and something necessary for your genetic modification by accomplishing this mission. It will help you finish genetic reconstruction and become more powerful than ever before.
Offline Events:
1. Summon Friends Back and Win $200! (September 25th – October 25th)
Do you have a friend who has taken a break from Zero? Send them your invitation to come back to ZO world again. You and your friend will obtain a chance to play the lottery once and are guaranteed to win a prize! And the returning veteran can choose their desired Ultra weapon (bound) once they credit a TQ Point Card to their account.
2. Swap your online time for free gift packs! (October 1st – 30th)
The longer you play ZO, the better gift packs you can claim! 3 days is a cycle. If you play ZO for 15 hours in 3 days, you can get a lottery ticket; 18 hours for 50 ZPs; 30 hours for a Bronze-Badge-(Event), 45 hours for an Alliance’s Gift. Does it sound too good to be true? Don’t forget to join this fun and easy event to find out for yourself!
3. Unit Painting (October)
You can paint a unit and upload it to the event page. ZO will select the winners according to the votes received. So don’t miss out this amazing opportunity to show off your creative skills.

Zero Online - October Events

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