Zero Online: Patch 2819 To Be Released On October 30

We would like to announce that patch 2819 will be released on October 30, 2008 at 00:01 PDT (GMT-8). With this patch, you can enjoy the features as below:

1. Gear’s highest bonus level will be upgraded to +12.
2. Fleet War:
a. A new fleet war map will be available.
b. The fleet that won in the fleet war has to repair the power plant before claiming the reward.
3. Two new positions will be added to the fleet system.
4. Solar Purifier and Instant Repairer will be available in the Shopping Mall.
5. Players have chances to win Solar Purifier, Galaxy Purifier and Planet Purifier in the lottery center.

New Features
1. Duel Mode: Under this PK mode, two players can PK each other within a specific small area without consuming anything. After the combat, all the attributes will be back to normal.
2. Strengthened Chips: Players have chances to get Defense Chip, HP Chip and Dodge Chip from the Othello invaders. All these three chips can be composed with cores to strengthen the corresponding attributes.
3. New Auxiliary Programs: No.86, No.234, No.256, No.257 and No.339 cores’ Auxiliary Programs will be unlocked.
4. Remote Booth: Booth owner can pay Galaxy Gold to start the remote booth system and customers can remotely view and buy the items sold in the booth.
5. Buddy System: Players can be instantly teleported to rescue their buddies when they are in jeopardy. In addition, buddies can share potency from each other according to the loyalty level.

Fixed Bugs
1. Client crashed when players clicked on the ‘Arsenal’ button.
2. Mentors could not get the core donations from the apprentices.
3. Client crashed when players clicked on the ‘Continue’ button in the offline training center.
4. Purple name players could not revive if put into the jail.

If the auto-patching cannot work for you, please download and install the patches manually to update your client to the latest version.

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