Zero Online: Veteran’s Return Event

We are pleased to announce the start of the Veteran’s Return! We warmly welcome all pilots above level 100, to participate in this exciting event!
May 4-22, 2009
Level 100 or above
Retuning Pilot: An Ultra Weapon
Recruiter: Free Zero Points
Returning Pilots
Are you above level 100 and not logged into Zero universe since before April 20? If so, this is your chance to receive a free Ultra weapon! All you have to do is return to the Zero universe and credit a TQ point card into your account during the event, then you can choose the Ultra weapon of your dreams. Each pilot can claim only one weapon.
Do you have a friend who hasn’t played Zero since before April 20? Send them your invitation to come back and fight again! Once your friend comes back to the game and credits a TQ Point card, you are eligible to get 10% of the credited amount in free Zero Points! You can receive up to 13,800 free Zero Points.
So if you’ve been away for a while, or know somebody you think should get back in the game, this may be just the incentive you need to experience the thrill of battle once more! The Alliance needs you! It’s time for you to take up your arms and fight the good fight again!
These returning pilots will not only support the existing veterans and recruits, but will bring some much needed experience and fun! Let’s fight together to prepare for the upcoming missions and research new tech!
1. Access the event page and enter your account details to log in
2. You will be taken to the recruiting/returning page according to your status.
3. Enter your friend’s information to recruit /return.
4. If you receive no invitation at your return (your first login), your account will be listed as being invited by the system.
5. As a returning pilot, you can select a level-50 Ultra weapon once you credit a card into your Zero account, and your recruiter can receive 10% of the credited amount in free Zero Points.
6. As a recruiter, you can get 10% of the credited amount in free Zero Points once your returning veteran credits a card into the game.
7. All prizes are claimed from the Prize Manager (Steel Warship 505, 853).
This is your chance to earn an Ultra weapon and some free ZPs!
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