Zero Online: What is New in March?

Zero Online: What is New in March?


Attention, cool pilots! The TQ team has prepared a string of fun events for you: 1 daily Boss Mission, 5 routine Weekend Events, 5 Daily Missions and 6 new Spacecraft Missions as well as new Cosmos Apocalypse! Let us see what will happen in ZO and what TQ will bring to us this month!
1. Weekend Event – Legend of Lost Treasure (March 6 – 7)
Good news! Our alliance has recovered part of the treasure finally! We will sell 4 kinds of treasure boxes at 10/50/100/1000 ZPs! Don’t hesitate to join this event from March 6 to 7, and you will be rewarded with different kinds of amazing rewards! Pilots, have you ever dreamt about becoming rich and powerful? Well, the treasure boxes will let your dreams take flight! Good luck to you!

Treasure Zero Online Event




2. Weekend Event – Hero’s Archives (March 13 – 14)
The Alliance has planned a raid against the Othello to retrieve the Archives of Spartan. The pilots who succeed in retrieving the archives will be greatly rewarded. There are 15 pages in the archive. You can collect your reward when you bring back each page. If you can answer a question about Spartan’s history, you will receive an additional reward. You will be given the full reward if you collect all 15 pages!


Hero Archives Event Zero Online




3. Boss Mission – Specter Squad
The members of the Specter Squad were poisoned by the Othello! One of them may fly into an uncontrollable rage at any time! Any pilot who can find the Specter who is in a fit and rage and manages to calm down the veteran will receive nice rewards, such as: lots of EXP, gold and maybe Red Star scraps!


Spectre Squad Zero Online Event




4. 5 New Daily Missions – Collection/Warfare/Contact/Seven Envoys/Assistance
The battle between the Alliance and the Othello continues and the situation becomes more and more severe! The information officers in each area are in need of your help to fight against the Othello! You can accomplish these missions once a day in each area and will be rewarded with lots of EXP, gold and Hero Badges! Besides, you can get an extra bonus from Walter (Steel Warship 461,778) when you have collected 50 Hero Badges.  
5. 6 new Spacecraft Missions – Solomon Fort/Sky City/Storm City/Leave Archimonde/Live or Die/Aero Fortress
Have you ever tried the Spacecraft Missions? As we known, they are very popular for their fabulous rewards and intense challenges. Many brave and powerful pilots have earned themselves lots of gold, EXP, and Genetic Resource Packs (not to mention fame and fortune)! So we will add 6 new spacecraft missions into the ZO world again, and you will be rewarded with a Genetic Resource Pack, a Lottery Pack, 2 Military Badges and 500 ZPs (bound) when you finish these missions first time! Don’t forget to join in and win these amazing rewards

Space Craft Mission Zero Online Event




6. Cosmos Apocalypse 61 – 70
In the world of ZO, we offer you the precious chance to explore the mysterious cosmos. By joining the Cosmos Apocalypse, your pilot and unit will test your limits. Upon completion, you won’t just claim rewards, but also an honorable title! You will be rewarded with Amethysts and the Chomsky Atom by finishing the Cosmos Apocalypse Stages 61–70.


Cosmos Apocalypse Event Zero Online




7. Routine Weekend Event – Othello’s Kr/Carry the Ores/The More The Merrier/Attack the Phantom/Dark Crystals
Emergency! The recent solar storm has caused severe damage to the Alliance’s energy system. If not enough energy ores are collected by the end of the month, the entire Alliance will grind to a halt due to power shortages. So we will hold these routine weekend events every Saturday and Sunday. You can exchange Kr Ores for lots of ZPs (bound). Good luck!


Weekend Routine Zero Online Event




Does it sound too good to be true? Come online and check it out by yourself then! Don’t hesitate to try ZO and don’t miss out on these fun events to win something good! Good luck and have fun!


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