Zero Online: what will we have in January?

Happy new year? We hope so, but…Here is a bad news for all of us.
You must remember the Traitors Incident in November. Yes, we’ve caught most of those guys, but four of them successfully fled to the Othellians. They bring us something this month. Of course, something terrible.

Air Raid Drill
Time January 3rd-January 4th
Level Above level 50
Reward Galaxy Gold; Space Teleporter II
Our headquarters has just received the intelligence that the 4 traitors will attack our Steel Warship with numerous Othello invaders around January 10th! We must be celebrating the new year and get drunk but leaving units in the arsenal? Hell no! That’s why we need the Air Raid Drill. We would like to invite as many pilots as possible to participate to make sure that we can handle the crisis as soon as possible when the situation arises!

Invaders Elimination
Time January 10th-January 11th
Level All Levels
Reward Unit Experience
System: Warning! Warning! Steel Warship is under attack! We suggest all fleets and squads dispatch as many units as possible to give protection! The Othello invaders have arrived! Pilots, roll out, now!

Universal Sheepherder
Time January 17th-January 18th
Level All Levels
Reward Rose Quartz, Sapphires, Amethysts
Mech Pandas must impress you a lot because of the sad face and huge volume. And what about Mech Sheep? The Alliance has invented 4 Mech Sheep for special use in 2009. The thing is, after the invasion last week, they are missing! You know who steal them away. Your mission is to go to the enemy base and escort them out of there. It won’t be an easy job for an individual! You’d better understand the definition of teamwork.

Free Zero Points Weekend
Time January 24th-January 25th
Level All Levels
Reward Free Zero Points

Double EXP Weekend
Time January 31st-February 1st
Level All Levels
Reward Double EXP status
As the never-ending battle looms forever forward there is a new light to pierce through the Big Empty and bestow new found courage and hope onto the battle-tired pilots. The soundless vaccuum and monotonous daily routine will be broken this weekend, double Exp will be rewarded throughout the entire weekend!

Take advantage of this solar-like burst of euphoric confidence and go forth and destroy in the name of the Alliance!
Enjoy your January in Zero Online!

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