Zero Online: What’s New in August?

Weekend Sales Promotion (August 8 to August 9)
Except for some specific items, all other items will be sold at a 20% discount. There will be new ZP(Bound) packs sold, available in packs of 100/500/1000. You can exchange them with the ZPS you bought at the 20% discounted price!
New Functions (August)
1. Opened many exploration towers at each leveling area, so you can search for, and light it, to earn a  little experience reward.
2. Increased a new all-purpose Universal Shuttle Pack in the shopping mall. You can open it to gain ten all-purpose universal shuttles and right click it to teleport yourself.
3. opened the Achievement System, you can complete certain tasks to increase your achievement number. You will be able to gain a nice experience reward when you reach the appointed achievement number.
Weekend Event- War of Ursa Major (August 29 to August 30)
If you want to be an MVP, don’t forget to join this war to prove your might to the Alliance! There are no level restrictions, and you will be rewarded with an Alliance Source Pack if you win! Sounds great, right? Don’t miss out!
Offline Event
1. Be the King/Queen: You can upload your game screenshots or real pictures and describe the reason why you should be a king/queen. You will have the chance to win ZPs(bound).
2. Video Event: You can upload videos to win ZPs(bound).

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