Zu Online: A Story of Stone Golems

When you come across an unfamiliar monster, you can imagine it is a Boss. But many players are unaware of the history and legends behind some of the mysterious Zu Online monsters.

Most monsters in Zu Online are based on legends in ancient Chinese mythology. Many of you will have seen the Stone Golems wandering around Miracle Town, but how many people know the myth of Shi Chi, the father and creator of them all?

Shi Chi was a tragic man. As a young boy, he was orphaned by his parents and sent away to a Taoist temple to be raised. He was a quiet boy, spending his time isolated and obsessively carving stones. After a long time observing the strict Taoist rituals and sermons, one day he could not bear it anymore and stole away to the Evil Stone Cave. There, he perfected his stone carving skill and finally created 365 gruesome Stone Golems. Despite their terrifying appearance, he was comforted by their presence and carried them with him wherever he went.

However, the Stone Golems were soon bewitched by Viper Scholars and began to wreak havoc, eventually killing the poor, lonely Shi Chi. After that, the Stone Golems became minions of Evil forces around the world, and an obstacle to the forces of Good trying to recapture Miracle Town.

The shape of the Stone Golems is designed according to traditional Chinese records, and their age-old features evoke a lost era of ancient Chinese culture. Their faces, savage and brave, are both solemn and stirring at the same time.

Each monster in Zu Online has its own story and background. Behind each monster you can find a tale that will teach you a little bit more about traditional Chinese culture and help you enjoy the game much more. Stay tuned for more legends and myths from Zu Online.

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