Zu Online: Challenge Calamity – Thunder calamity Introduction

Today the folks over at IGG brief us on the Thunder calamity in Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com).
Once a player’s level has reached 60 they will be confronted by a very important choice; to carry on with their training or to accept the first calamity – the Thunder Calamity. If they accept the challenge then they shall have the chance to become Junior Immortals.
If the players decide to accept the challenge, they must first pay a visit to their Skill Trainer and clean up their Dishonor Points. For it is impossible for players to challenge calamity while still possessing dishonor points. Then they need go to Blue Mountain, Sky Lake, Miracle Town, Miracleblade Peak and Death World to defeat several Devils and collect their souls. The Skill Trainer must be asked to release these souls from purgatory so that they cannot disturb the challenge.
They should then get to Thunder Peak with the Thunder Stamp given by their Master and challenge the Thunder God. The Thunder Stamps come in three different colors; red, purple and azure. Each color represents a different route that they should follow.
On the way through Thunder Peak they will come across the fabled Thunder Lord. They may give the seemingly impossible task of collecting Demon Dust or the Thunder Heart. And the player may well risk their life in order to complete these tasks. But they should be careful that they don’t judge books by their covers, for some of them may well help not hinder. Even giving some useful items that can aid the journey to the center of the Thunder Peak. It is at this sacred place that the legendary Thunder God’s Hammer can be found. After the player has set eyes upon the fabled weapon they shall have the chance to complete the quest. And upon doing so there will be a rapturous clap of thunder to celebrate their arrival into the world of the Junior Immortals. At this point they must return to the Chief or their Skill Trainer to report the glad tidings.

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