Zu Online: Christmas Events Preview

Christmas is coming soon. In order to celebrate it with all Zu Online players, Zu Team will be holding several exciting Christmas events during December 15th, 2008 and January 4th, 2009 EST (GMT-5). Here below are the details on these events:

Event 1:Xmas Letter Cards

During the event, level 31+ monsters may drop cards with the letters “X”, “m”, “a” and “s” written on them. Players can exchange the letter cards for cool gifts, or collect all four cards together and exchange them for a special prize.

Letter “m”, “a” or “s” can be exchanged for experience, Bones, scrolls and three Hearthstones (One among them at random). Getting letter “X”means getting Small Str. of Incarnate except for what can previous letters can exchange for. Intact Xmas Gift Package or Perfect Xmas Gift Package is equal to much more things, including Small Str. of Incarnate or Medium Str. of Incarnate, Far-sight Spirit, Great scrolls or Superior scrolls.

Event 2: Stuffed Stockings


When we were young, we always expected kind-hearted Santa Claus to fill our stockings with gifts on Christmas Eve. But do you still dream of stuffed stockings? In Zu World, your dreams may come true! Soon, at the Amusement Park, Santa Claus will arrive to give out stuffed stockings to lucky players!


Players can get Xmas Candle, Starlet, Sparkling Xmas Starlet, Velvet Toy, Santa Claus’ Hat, Sled or Christmas Tree, which can be exchanged for Bones, Fortune Casket, Moonlight Chest, Spirit Training Bolus, Compound Chest, etc.

Additionally, the player who ranks highest in using the above items will also win more handsome rewards, such as 50 Moonlight Chest, “Christmas Star” title, or several Pet Combination Bolus.

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