Zu Online: Cultivating a Top Pet

Pets’ popularity has reached an unprecedented extent in the role playing games released in 2008 by far. The pet system of Zu Online has annotated the essence of pets in MMORPGs by its creative features. There are three requirements to cultivate a Top Pet in Zu Online:

Pet Spells

Each pet spell is at rank 1 when it is learnt and can at most be upgraded to rank 9. Below are the details of the rank 9 pet spells.

1. Critical Strike: Increases the master’s Critical Strike chance. A Critical Strike deals 200% normal damage. At rank 9,it increases Critical Strike chance by 10%.

2. Garrote: Increases the master’s Garrote chance. A Garrote deals 150% normal damage. At rank 9,it increases Critical Strike chance by 10%.

3. Resistance: At rank 9, it increases the master’s chance to resist enemy’s attack by 20%.

4. Store Up: When it reaches rank 9, 33 slots of the pet’s backpack in total are activated by this spell.

5. Regeneration: At rank 9, it increases the master’s health restoration by 200%.

6. Rejuvenation: At rank 9, it increases the master’s mana restoration by 200%.

7. Resilience: At rank 9, it reflects 15% damage taken to the attacker.

8. Ride Speed: At rank 9, it increases the pet’s movement speed by 50%.

Awesome Initial Aptitudes

According to their initial Aptitudes, the pets in Zu Online are classified into primary pets(its Aptitudes are about 1500), junior pets (about 2000)and senior pets (about 2500). (Primary pets can be gained from monsters and quests or purchased from a Pet Master. Junior pets and senior pets can only be purchased from a Pet Master now.) The Aptitudes of a pet determine the amount of stats increase to its master. In a word, the pet is better is if its Aptitudes are higher.


Pet’s Savvy concerns how many spells the pet may learn. The pet whose Savvy is higher can learn more spells. A primary pet’s Savvy is 1 while junior or senior pet’s is 2. To raise a pet’s Savvy, it should be fed Savey Seeds. But pet’s Savvy can only reach 8 at most.

In overview, to be a super fighter, you cannot lack a top pet with the three requirements above.

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