Zu Online: Daily Events

In order to enrich the gaming experience, many events are added to Zu online (http://zu.igg.com/) to free players from constant monster killing. These events also bestow players abundant experience as a reward. Below is a rough event list. For more information about event time and rewards, please link to the official site at

Event List
A. Question and Answer
Brief introduction: Answer the choice questions and win handsome rewards.

B. Monster Slaying Contest
Brief introduction: What we seek is quantity but not quality. Eliminate monsters to win handsome rewards.

C. Sacrifice Ceremony
Brief introduction: The sacrifice ceremony of each clan. Only by dancing, can you obtain handsome rewards. Do not hesitate. Let’s revel together!

D. Sinuous Maze
Brief introduction: Explore the sinuous maze created by the ancient artisans, look for treasures in it and at the exit. Once you find the exit and get out of the maze, you will obtain some surprising rewards.

E. Pet’s Adventures
Brief introduction: Whose pet is the cleverest and is able to find the most Amazing Fruits in the least time?

F. Creating Contest
Brief introduction: The one who creates items using tradeskills more often will have a better rating.

G. Area Occupation
Brief introduction: Who can occupy more areas?

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