Zu Online: Entrusted Sale System Introduction

Recently, IGG has given a brief introduction of the Entrusted Sale System for Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com).

If Players can’t find a trader, then Players can buy or sell items through the entrusted sale system, no matter if the target is on or offline. Below is the guides and instructions:

1. Find an Auctioneer at Purple Fire Hall of Desert City or Lotus Palace of Holy City.
2. Click “I want to make an Entrusted Sale”.
3. Choose the first “Buy” interface to buy an item. The left column is the item sort. Enter the level of the character in the “Level Limit” box to narrow down the search. Then check the “Usable” box to show only the items which can be used by the characters race. Players can search for what they want with the above “Search” button. Finally, click the “buy” button.
4. Choose the second “Entrusted” interface to sell an item. Drag the characters items to the “Place Item” column, set the price in silver (not gold) and the time for the sale of the items. The below “Charge” shows the fee for the entrusted sale. Finally, click the “Entrusted Sale ‘button.
5. Players can check the status of the sale of their goods at the Auctioneer’s. Click the item that is sold and click “Take bag back” below, the Player will then get the corresponding silver.
6. In order to sell successfully there, goods will have to be competitive in price.

More news please visit official website: http://zu.igg.com/news/newscon.php?aid=349

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