Zu Online: Exploring the Northern Icy Fairyland

IGG is guiding us to the Northern Icy Fairyland of the 3D MMORPG Zu Online.

In the northern part of Zu Mountain lies a splendid icy region, called¬ the Icy Fairyland. Rumor says the icy region is a huge iceberg floating in midair near the North Pole. In the snow and ice covered fairyland, the warming rays of sunlight never reach you. Instead, there is only ice and endless snow as far as the eye can see. Even the peaks there were all formed by ice blocks. You will know when you have arrived when the chill of death grabs your heart. Nevertheless, the peaks rising up upon one another look transparent and flawless and even glitter with a crisp coldness, a beauty which belies they’re chilling capacity for death.

Now let’s head to the Icy Fairyland to enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool air during such a hot summer.

North Temple:
Once upon a time, the monster Elder Diplopod, who was trapped under an ice field, escaped. After a horrific battle, the Sun Warriors captured and imprisoned it. After much consideration, Master Dazang chose the location of the prison to be North Temple.
North Temple faces the abyss and is back to back with a towering cliff edge. It lies between Nobleness Peak and Lan Peak. These mountains form a natural barrier from the icy winds.

The Northern Ice Field:
The Northern Ice Field, a beautiful and vast area, was considered to be the cradle of the Sun Warrior School. However, today we can only get a clue of its glorious past by examining the ruins near Holy Lake. On the ice field next to the script carvers of North Temple lives a group of miraculous natives (Tianyu Hound-herd Group), who understand the languages of plants and animals.

The Ice Abysm:
The Ice Abysm, veiled by an icy fog, lies to the south of the Northern Ice Field. The cold blue caves echo indistinctly with horrible and foreboding sounds. They may herald disaster…..
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About Zu Online:
Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com/), a 3D MMORPG from IGG (www.igg.com), has been warmly welcomed by a wide range of players due to its unique theme and traditional oriental features.

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