Zu Online: Faction War

Zu Online is a 3D MMORPG based on a war between deities and devils. It has been very popular with players since its debut due to its delicate graphics, magnificent scenes, abundant game play as well as original features.

War is an important element in Zu Online. Zu Online offers players an opportunity to join large-scale wars — faction wars. By joining a faction war, a player can show their power and enjoy epic wars scenes and sensory stimulation. What is most important is that players can win Honor points from the war to exchange for awesome item sets.

However, not everyone is eligible to join a faction war. To join a faction war, the player should first level up their character to 60. Moreover, there are many high level guards guarding each faction. So players who are going to assault a hostile faction will have to fight against both the players and the guards of the faction.

We suggest that players gather as many players as possible together to assault a hostile faction. Combat will be tough, but the rewards are handsome. Both sides of a faction war will win Honor points. Faction wars are the best way to win Honor points and awesome item sets. We believe that everyone will really enjoy faction wars, so come in and join us!

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