Zu Online: Fashion Improvement System

Feeling defenseless every time you put on something nice? Well, you are able to attach attributes to your fashionable sets from Fashion Improvement System in Zu Online now. So these high fashion items, including Q Head for each clan, Bridegroom-Q Head, Bride-Q Head and Metamorphic fashions, can be worn for more than cocktail parties in Desert City.

Items usable in improving fashions
Players can gain items used for improving fashions from monsters. Below are details of the two types of items used to attach attributes to fashions:

Gem of Quickness: Usable on a fashion to accelerate mounting a pet.

Gem of Stability: Usable on a fashion to reduce the chance to be dismounted when attacked.

Fashion Improvement Process
First of all, you should have a fashion and the required items for improving fashions.

To improve a fashion, simply right click on the required item from the inventory and then click a fashion to improve it.
The Potential of a fashion determines how many types of attributes can be attached to it.

Each fashion can only be attached the same type of attributes once. So, remember to improve your fashion using the best items.

Notes of Fashion Improvement
The Potential of fashions available in the Item Mall is a random numerical value. So, if you only get a fashion with 1+ Potential, you can still attach attributes to it.

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