Zu Online: Fashions to Change Sex

With the release of Zu Online, version 1.5.06, many new features have been added to the game, such as metamorphic fashions. The newly released metamorphic fashions allows the wearer to change their appearance into that of a Male Bead Fairy, Female Swordsman or Male Moonmaiden all of whom have never before been seen in the game. Fashions for shifting shape into a Female Summoner and Female Sun Warrior will be added to the game in the later version. So pay attention to the constantly improving Zu Online!

Male Bead Fairy
They were the orphans the Jade Pool Fairy took in from the human world. Under their senior female fellow apprentices’ care, they not only know how to take care of the wounded and sick, but also know how to be as gentle as the other Bead Fairies. Upon seeing the forces of Evil take so much from their people, they can no longer stand by and do nothing.

Female Swordsman
Even encased in the shining steel armor wrapping her slim body, she radiates warmth and compassion. Born to a life of privilege as the General’ s daughter, she spurned the easy life of parties and marriage to follow her father into training as a swordsman. Beautiful and smart, she appears soft as silk, but in truth she is hard as rock inside. When her father and family were killed, a little part of her died as well. Now, no force of evil will survive the touch of her blade.

Male Moonmaiden
Long strands of hair black as the night danced around the smooth, molded face of the young man. Perched high on the mountain top overlooking the valley he stared intently into the darkness. A full moon bathed the valley in front of him with its ghostly radiance. Twirling among his dexterous fingers is a long, slim curved blade that seems to dance around his arm. This cold face had once known the warmth of love, but like the moon, it had dissolved into a barren reflection of its former beauty. Death can be so painful, but watching love die is a pain few can endure. Ruthless in his personal quest for redemption, his Moonblade is feared by devils far and wide.

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