Zu Online: Fighting Series – Swordsman

The Swordsman Clan was the oldest and most
influential among the clans of Zu Online. To fight against Blood Demon
had become the responsibility of every Swordsman in the battle between
Gods and Devils.  

Swordsman is one of the largest clans in
the secondary world. They are good at long distance fighting. With the
help of the Bead Fairy, they are able to take the most advantage of
their sword fighting skills to fight against the enemies.

1. Swordsman’s High-level Spells:
Single-target Spells 
Thunder Chasing:  knack of Sword, causing 1692 damage to a single target.   
Entangle:  deals damage and also reduces movement speed by 30% for 6 sec. 
Thunder Shot:  a heavy shot, causing 2471 damage to a single target.

AoE Spells (Area of Effect)Multi Sword Strike:  causes 886 damage to the target and all nearby enemies.
Swirling Swords:  cause 622 damage to all enemies
Dragon Slay:  causes 1255 damage to the target and all nearby enemies.

Spells Learnt in the Talents TabFire Cloud Trap:  cause damage to the target group and may also cause fire damage over time.
Ambush:  freezes all enemies nearby.

2. Specific Tips for Swordsman’s Fighting: Swordsmen
are a damage dealing class. They are good at casting
ranged damage-dealing spells. But they have low health and almost all
their spell casting is interrupted if they are besieged by a crowd of
While fighting common monsters, the Swordsman just needs
to cast AoE spells, such as Air Explosion. Then the monsters can be
killed very quickly.
While fighting a tough BOSS, the Swordsman
should use high damage dealing spells that cool down soon as frequently
as possible and should also use healing items properly.

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