Zu Online: Halloween Gifts

With the release of version 1.5.06, two Halloween events have been added to the game so players can enjoy Halloween in Zu Online. Players can now gather materials for making a Jack-o’Lantern, one which can even serve as a powerful weapon. Players can also play with naughty little Jack and may even get an unexpected gift from him. But watch out, he is a tricky fellow…

Event 1: Jack-o’ Lanterns
Event Duration: Oct 20th—Nov 3rd, 2008

During the event duration, Monsters can drop Pumpkins, Strange Wooden Sticks and Cracked Jack-o’ Lantern Patterns (I, II, III). Also, Delicate Candles and Perfect Jack-o’ Lantern Patterns will also be available from the Item Mall. Players can make an Intact Jack-o’ Lantern Pattern after gathering Cracked Jack-o’ Lantern Pattern (I, II, III). After getting a Pumpkin, a Strange Wooden Stick and one Perfect Jack-o’ Lantern Pattern/Intact Jack-o’ Lantern Pattern, players can make a Perfect Jack-o’ Lantern /Intact Jack-o’ Lantern which can be exchanged for lots of experience and Bones from NPC Lemon.

Event 2: Trick or Treat
Event Duration: 00: 00am-01: 00am, 06: 00am-07: 00am, 0: 00pm-01:00pm, 06: 00pm-07: 00pm EDT (GMT-4), Oct 20th-Nov 3rd

During our special event, naughty little Jack will be wandering around Holy City, Desert City and the Hexad Region with a Jack`o’Lantern in his hand and saying “trick or treat” to everyone who approaches him. Will you give him a trick or a treat? But bear in mind if you treat him well you may be pleasantly surprised!

Though Jack is very naughty, he is not greedy so if you impressed him with your kindness then he will not ask you again.

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