Zu Online: Introduction to the Fire Calamity

This time the team of Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com) would like to introduce the Fire Calamity to all Zu players.

Once our Junior Immortals have reached level 120+ they will get the chance to try and get passed the Fire Calamity. This means that they can choose to keep the status quo or to try and improve their status here in Zu World.
Only the Masters can guarantee that they take this challenge away from the prying eyes of Demons. So it’s best to consult with him before they accept the challenge.
The Master will tell the location of the Trueflame Furnace, where the challenge will take place and will pass on a special item to present to the Skill Trainer.
Whilst it has become clear that they must go to the Trueflame Furnace, they must first collect some essential items, namely; the Frost Psychic Buddhist Mirror, the Purple Flaming Star, the Magic Water Aura Dew, the Broken Mystic Taichi and the Antique Juju Ash. Each of these items is held by one of the Faction Masters, so they must visit each one by turn to collect them.
Once the sacred items are handed to the Skill Trainer, he will then help to enter the Trueflame Furnace. On the way they will notice that there are three trees bearing flaming fruit, these should be collected so that when they reach the middle of the Furnace roof, they can be presented to the Furnace Immortal and make an exchange for the Trueflame Bolus. But take care the way there runs amok with demons and random rotating fire balls! Once the player has passed this hurdle the real challenge will begin…
However it is not only enough to just get passed this challenge they must then take the Trueflame Bolus to the Skill Trainer. Who will transform it into a fire ball that he will then fuse with the player’s body. After that they must go quickly find the Flame God who is the only one who can release their spirit fire from within.
The player will be surprised to discover that the Flame God is in fact the Furnace Immortal that they previously met. He will help to release the inner fire from their body. We cannot lie to our dear players, it will be extremely painful and may very well bring them to the brink of exhaustion but persevere and all will be well. After that they must journey to Bonefire Ridge to find the Flame Beast who will help to transform the inner fire into a source of power.
Only then after facing this demanding Calamity can they be considered as Senior Immortals. The Skill Trainer will be waiting with big rewards for those who make the grade!

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