Zu Online: Level 6 Epic Item Sets

Zu Online version 1.5.06 has seen its popularity explode with the release of many new features, especially Level 6 Epic Item Sets. Players are now able to create Level 6 Epic gear using the related materials gathered from fighting BOSSes, Fortune Caskets, and more. Level 6 Epic gear not only has awesome stats, it also shines brightly all the time.

Sun Warrior
Truth Set
Many years ago, an apprentice Sun Warrior had an epiphany to be a great master. He thought about the power of Buddha which blazed like the burning sun. Ten years later, the Chief of the Sun Warriors dreamt about the apprentice. He was wearing the Truth Set and surrounded by white light. He said he had obtained the power of Buddha and he would leave the power in the Truth Set for future generations.

This pestle is imprinted with the face of an enraged beast. It radiates the light of fire and ice. Even the toughest devils dare not face it. That is why it is considered one of the best weapons.

Glimmering Set
There was a strange beast that lived deep in the sea by swallowing hellfire. It was constantly surrounded by a green fire that boiled the surrounding water. Ordinary people would die at once when getting close to it. One day, a talented Moonmaiden killed it and made its skin into the Glimmering Set.

Flying Moonblade
The Flying Moonblade is an azury sharp blade like a bow. It was made from the feather of an azury peacock in the sky.

Trinity Set
The Trinity Set is made from the blessed trinity fire and enables the wearer to be pure of heart and free from desire. However, it also grants the wearer the ability to know everything in the world and the sense of justice to fight the evil in us all.

Tri-Core contains heaven fire and the power of immortal beings.

Bead Fairy
Aura Set
There is an empty desert beyond the earth. Above the desert, there is colorful aura. The auras are indistinct but they lie across the heaven and earth. A patient Bead Fairy gathered the auras day by day and transformed them into lines with the power of her soul. At last she wove the lines into the Aura Set. By wearing the set, the wearer is protected by the auras gathered from the empty desert which keep devils away.

Sea Bead
Rumor says the Sea Bead was made from the tears a Bodhisattva dropped to the North Sea for the disasters in the northern zones.

Setting Sun Set
Only one, who feels cool when being burnt by the fire of the setting sun, is able to finish creating the Setting Sun Set.

Souled Scorpion
The flag of this weapon is made from ghostly ape bones and the handle is made from venomous scorpion tails. It is so poisonous that even the strongest devils dare not approach it.

To see the armor sets, please vist the Zu Online Screenshot Gallery.

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