Zu Online: Level 7 Epic Item Sets in New Version

With the release of new zones and new monsters, many new items, and quests have been added to the game. Among them, Star Charts, the patterns for creating Level 7 Epic equipment, must be the most outstanding. Today, Zu Online Team is happy to be introducing Level 7 Epic item sets here for your enjoyment.

Sun Warrior – Apprehensive Star Set and Calamity

The Sun Warrior’s Level 7 Epic item set consists of the Apprehensive Star Set and the legendary weapon Calamity which are created by Master Dazang. The set has such strong power that only the most talented Sun Warriors are able to control it.

Moonmaiden – Startrace Set and Treacherous Moonblade

The Moonmaiden’s Level 7 Epic item set consists of the Startrace Set and the Treacherous Moonblade. It is the most precious treasure stored in Zin Palace by the powerful fairy Jingje. When using the set, the Moonmaidens can kill with a single hit.

Swordsmen – Purple Gentian Set and Sky-hitting Thunder

The Swordsmen’s Level 7 Epic item set consists of the Purple Gentian Set which was refined by celestial fire and the twin swords Sky-hitting Thunder which are the most important item of Omei Swordsman. While wearing the set, a Swordsman is able to tame any monster.

Bead Fairy – Star Shower Set and Nine-Star Bead

In the years since Zhaolan joined the first battle between the deities and devils she has worn the Star Shower Set together with the Holy Maid. When wearing both the Star Shower Set and the Nine-Star Bead, a Bead Fairy is the most attractive and powerful female on the battlefield.

Summoner: Malefic Set and Star Ribbon

The Summoner’s Level 7 Epic item set consists of the Malefic Set and Star Ribbon. The Malefic Set was made from the most malefic beasts’ bones and imbued with amazingly strong supernatural power. We can even see ferocious beasts with green faces and sharp buckteeth on the shoulder and chest parts of the set. When wearing the Malefic Set, Summoners are even able to swallow the spirits of evil creatures. If a Summoner also has the Star Ribbon equipped, even the strongest enemy will run away upon seeing him.

Who will be the first one to obtain a Star Chart and who will be the first one to get a piece of Level 7 Epic gear? Who knows, maybe it’ll be you.

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