Zu Online: New Enchanting and Gear Star Level System

With the release of the new Enchanting feature in Zu Online, players can use it to improve their equipment. The monsters will drop Spars, Attacking Spars, Defensive Spars and other items used for enchanting equipment.

Intro to Enchanting interface

There are 3 slots on the Enchanting interface. They are the target equipment slot, Spar slot and Enchanting preview slot.

1. Equipment

2. Spars: There are Attacking Spars and Defensive Spars of different quality. Spars of different quality are used in enchanting equipment of different levels. (For example, Attacking Spars are used for enchanting level 1-3 equipment. Medium Attacking Spars are used for enchanting level 4-6 equipment. Greater Attacking Spars are used for enchanting level 7-9 equipment.)

3. Enchanting: The amount of Spars used in the Enchanting determines the star level of the equipment when it is enchanted successfully. Players may preview the Enchanting effects

Enchanting Rules

Enchanting can only change the basic numerical value of the equipment’s damage or defense but not affect the other equipment attributes.

Equipment will not yield Stones (Stone I, II, III…) again but will yield Spars when disenchanted. The number of Spars gained from a piece of equipment is equal to the numerical number of the equipment rank.

Differences between Enchanting and Refining

Refining: Refining works at creating equipment or changing the special attributes of equipment. For example, players may add Fire attributes to equipment using the Refining function.

Enchanting: Enchanting works at increasing the equipment’s damage or defense. Please remember that the success rate of Enchanting decreases as the equipment rank increases and the rank reduction for a failed Enchanting increases as equipment rank increases.

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