Zu Online: New Scenes Preview

If a player has taken part in the Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com/) Alpha Test before then they should be pleasantly surprised by the new elements added to the Open Beta Test. If they enjoyed playing in the variety of situations and killing the bosses then the following content is a must for them to read.

Eight fantastic new sites have been added for the Open Beta Test and the Zu Team is giving you a little preview of these magical and mysterious places.

Amusement Park
In the Amusement Park is a calm bamboo forest, a beautiful graceful lotus pond, a very unique pavilion and a majestic waterfall. The player may be awestruck at just how special the scenery is, upon their first visit. This place can be reached via the Wine Immortal in Holy City or in Desert City, once the player has reached level 45+

Little Sky
It has been said that the Boulder Immortal sealed up the Seven Northern Immortals in the Little Sky. The way there is a twisting cloud path that winds through a silent bamboo forest and Starfalling Cliff.

Hexad Region
The imposing Telepath Palace is the very centre of the Hexad Region. Around it are placed six pavilions, hence the name. The player may travel to Wu, Tai or Xun to chat with other players from the different factions via the Telepath Palace.

Wan Mountain
After Bilin and the Flame Master had left Wan Mountain, the place became desolate. This was further added to by the Flame Master, who after being driven mad by the evil scriptures he had studied, also brought destruction to the surrounding area.

Thunder Peak
On Thunder Peak the player may become startled and disorientated by the deafening thunder and shocking lightening. This place is not for the faint hearted; even the most powerful Immortals have been known to feel fear here!

Trueflame Furnace
At this place the player will soon discover that everything is connected to fire. Monsters will spit fire and the furnaces are full of boiling magma. There are also the Blaze Platform, the Heart-Burning Steps and the Fire Lord’s Palace.

Righteous Pagoda
The righteous Pagoda is a site in which, according to legends, has extremely vicious Demons sealed inside. Here the places are ominously named; the Blood Pool, the Blood Corridor it is also littered with countless rusty swords and is the hiding place for many Evil Ghosts. The player may only try their luck here if they reach level 70+ and there are 20+ sign up players.
This maze was specially designed to bamboozle and confuse. All players will first appear on the first floor of the Sinuous Maze, which is made up of nine floors. There are eight different directions to go and at the end of each path there is a Diagram Stone. This is essential for the player to enter another floor, leave the maze or to claim their reward.

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