Zu Online: New Summoner Minion Preview

The most ancient and strongest of the human feelings is fear, especially the fear of the unknown. It can paralyze a person from action and leave them defenseless. When the Hades Fire Beast is summoned into battle and you are facing down it’s dark visage and bone white teeth, what will you do? What is the Hades Fire Beast? What does it bring to the Secondary World from hell? Let’s take a walk on the wild side and grab a more detailed look at the Hades Fire Beast, a new Summoner minion which will be released in the new version of Zu Online.

A Force from Hell
The Hades Fire Beast is the most evil monster there is in hell. It has giant horns and the sharpest tusks. Dark, mysterious and incomprehensible hierograms are tattoed across its back and it is constantly surrounded by purple hellfire which can swallow souls.
Thus, it is appropriately called the Hades Fire Beast.

The Hades Fire Beast was originally the Chief Devil’s mount. It is extremely bloodthirsty and is able to swallow souls in seconds. In those years when the evil forces invaded the Secondary World led by the Chief Devil, the High Summoner put his life at risk and tried his best to seal the Chief Devil in his body. After that, the High Summoner sought to research spells to resist the power of ghosts. One day, he successfully summoned the Hades Fire Beast from hell and sealed it using hierograms.

The End of Summoners’ 1v1 Fight:
After the release of the new version, Level 240+ Summoners can purchase the book to learn the spell to summon a Hades Fire Beast from Summoner trainers.The Hades Fire Beast masters three melee attacks which are all area of effect spells. So, with the release of the Hades Fire Beast, Summoners do not need to fight their enemies one by one anymore.

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