Zu Online: New Version 1.8.01 Available

The Zu Online Team is pleased to announce that the latest version 1.8.01 has been released on November 24th. Players can now run the client to update the game automatically.

In contrast with the previous version, there is a lot of new content in version 1.8.01, which will make the game even more fun.

Boundary Hill, the second instance zone of Zu Online has been added. The monsters, especially the boss-level monsters in Boundary Hill are extremely tough, but they drop items that make it all worthwhile.
Additionally, another two new high-level zones – Frozen Sea and Wei-Yang Palace have been added. What’s more, we have added several new systems, including Enchanting, pet combination, fashion improvement and the salary system. With the release of the new systems, players can improve their equipment by using the Enchantment function, attach a pet’s attributes to another, add extra attributes to fashionable items and get a weekly salary after meeting certain requirements. We also will improve the Commercial Travel system, add high-level Round Quests and improve some of the game settings.

In a word, Zu Online version 1.8.01 will certainly bring players an improved gaming experience in Zu Online.

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