Zu Online: Pet MasterÂ’s Private Collection

In the world of Zu Online, there are tons of unimaginable items. The one with the most rumors swirling around it is the Pet Chests. Rumor says these Pet Chests contain immensely powerful pet-related items, but unfortunately they belong to the Pet Master exclusively. Among all the Pet Chests, the Gold Pet Chests are particularly awe-inspiring.

The Pet Master cherishes his collection very much and has never given even one Pet Chest to a player. So, many people have attempted to steal these Pet Chests and finally, someone succeeded in getting some Chests to be sold in the Pet Mall. Now, if you would like to pay this daredevil some money, you can get a piece of the Pet Master’s precious private collection too.

These Pet Chests contain high level pet equipment, feedstuffs, pet eggs and more inside. If you can get a Gold Pet Chest, you will be able to make your pet much stronger and better looking. It could even make it the strongest one in any battle.

Are you eager to get these cool Pet Chests now? Do not miss such a golden opportunity to enhance your pet’s power with the best chests available!

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