Zu Online: Rob from the Rich

You better prepare your best English accent; the Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com/) team will be holding a “Robin Hood” event soon.
Event Duration: 9:00-9:30pm from Mar 16th to Mar 18th.
As is known to all, Commercial Travel is one of the best ways to accumulate wealth, however robbing these traders can not only bring you much money, but also enable you to experience the exciting feeling that a little daring and some PK brings. GMs will begin a trade caravan that will appear regularly on Wan Mountain. So players will have the chance to obtain tons of treasure, but make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew.
Event Location: Wan Mountain
Commercial Route:
Abanja moole
Bxunmin moole
Cwoomin &ampshimin
Event Rules:
1. GMs won’t attack other players until somebody attacks first.
2. 1 GM from each faction will be part of the trade caravan (3 factions in total).
3. Whether the GMs are robbed or reach their destination, they will choose a new route the next time.
4. GMs: F1, eM and LemonTree.
For more please visit http://zu.igg.com/news/newscon.php?aid=448

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