Zu Online: Summer Carnival Prelude

Since summer is here, IGG now present something special for everyone to start their summer off right!

Panda Style

Sometimes even the bravest player can feel weak, but you can be as strong as the Kung Fu Panda “Po” if you try. Inside everyone is a hero waiting to burst free! Combine your strength with other trainees to help defeat the GM’s Devil Yi and protect the peace of Holy City.
For more info about this event visit: http://zu.igg.com/news/newscon.php?aid=799

Careless Treasure Hunting

The Brigand has stolen hordes of treasure from IGG’s 2nd anniversary ceremony! Although a brave GM managed to recapture most of the Stolen Treasure, (Fortune Caskets and Mystic Stones) the cunning Brigand escaped. So, the GM has decided to hide the treasure in the Hexad Region while he continues to pursue the outlaw Brigand. But, unbeknownst to him, his bag was ripped and treasure has dropped out all across the Hexad Region. Will you be lucky enough to find one of the GM’s missing treasures?
For more info about this event visit: http://zu.igg.com/news/newscon.php?aid=795

A Tree for Peace

One Zu World, One Family. After fierce battles between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil, the environment of Zu Mountain has been damaged badly. The immortals of the forces of Good are calling on all brave warriors to plant trees in the Zu World to restore this magnificent environment.
For more info about this event visit: http://zu.igg.com/news/newscon.php?aid=797

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