Zu Online: The Forbidden Kingdom Launched

The Zu online team (http://zu.igg.com ) is launching a new event called the Forbidden Kingdom.

For people who like watching Kung-fu films and reading books about Martial Arts, possessing a piece of unrivaled equipment and becoming invincible in game is the goal they fight for. Zu Online is unique in that it gives these people the chance to make their dreams come true.

Deity sets possess the power to destroy the world. Player’s attack and defense will be greatly improved after wearing them. To get Deity sets, players have to collect the following materials:

Level 4 Deity sets:
Mystic -*6 + True Iron*6 (weapon)
Mystic Stone 1*6+ Light Cicada Silk*6 (Boots, Spirit Breath, Spirit and Clothes)

Level 5 Deity sets:
Mystic Stone-*6 + Gelid Iron*6 (weapon)
Mystic Stone-*6+ Water Cicada Silk*6 (Boots, Spirit Breath, Spirit and Clothes)

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