Zu Online: Top 10 Features Preview

Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com/), a hot new MMORPG from IGG (www.igg.com), has grown at a blistering pace since it was first released a short time ago. Today the Zu Online team has been kind enough to give up their time to talk to their players about 10 prominent features of Zu Online.

1. Pets Will always be by your side
Players can summon their pet to battle or save some energy and ride their pet. When players take their pet out for a walk in the special pet area, they can feed it and improve its abilities

2. Flight. Fly to your destination!
10 years may pass in a moment as exhilaration overtakes their senses. Riding on a sword and maneuvering through sheer mountain valleys is an amazing experience to behold. The flight function features auto-navigation, so they only need to enjoy the beautiful scenery rushing by. They also have many flight tools to choose from.

3. Challenge the Calamity
Every 60 years, they will have a chance to challenge the calamity. This challenge is as much about proving to themselves that you can do it as it is about defeating the monsters who await you. If you can make it through, your title will be promoted.

4. Audio &Graphics Mesmerize your eyes and ears
They say music is the soundtrack to our lives, well in Zu this is literally true. The score has been crafted to give you the sense of being in a totally different world absorbed in intrigue and guile. While at the same time, the 3D graphics also immerse you in this Eastern world of dangerous alliances. It’s the integration of the ancient Chinese ink art and modern carton style, which reflects the Chinese culture embedded in the game. You will feel like you are in a wonderful ink painting as you venture in Zu world.

5. Spirit Always watching over you
There are 12 lucky animals that stand for your spirit, when it’s your spirit’s special time, you will be blessed with some unique rewards.

6. Tradeskills Make your own cool weapon and equipment
Have you journeyed throughout the world of Zu looking for the ultimate weapon? Are you a warrior with discerning taste longing for a stylish, elite weapon with which to make your name? You can use certain materials to make your own equipment and weapons, and infuse your own mysterious powers into them.

7. Shapeshifting Confuse and Entertain
You can summon a powerful protector to fight for you. But you need to learn the summoning spell and accumulate enough vigor first.

8. Talisman Various Talisman support your fight
One of the highlights of Zu Online are the various talismans which have different functions such as defense-increases, attack-increases and stealth, which make battle plans more fun and realistic.

9. Formation Team spirit.
After a Bead Fairy starts the formation, her teammates should join the formation to increase its power. Within a certain range, nothing will be left alive. In addition, if you start the tradeskill formation and your teammates join, the success rate of the tradeskill will be greatly increased.
10. Talents 3 Major Talents and a balanced Talent System.
Talents are special abilities that enhance your character in many different ways. When your character reaches level 30, you are given the first talent point. And after that you will obtain one talent point every for every 3 levels you reach. Talent points can be spent in different areas to enhance your character.

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