Zu Online: Training on Treacherous Terrain

Wan Mountain in Zu Online was originally where the great master of the Sun Warriors, Master Mind, cultivated his spirit. The Sun Warriors of Wan Mountain originally took the leading role in the direction of the Good forces. However, after Master Mind ascended to heaven, the Flame Master conspired with dark forces, culminating in the incident with the Fire Vessel, and after driving the moderate Master Dazang away, he established his control over the Sun Warriors of Wan Mountain. Soon after that, the Flame Master was lured by Blood Demon into training the Bloodfire Strike ability and eventually leading to the corruption of the once revered Sun Warriors of Wan Mountain.  
Wan Mountain is now a good place for Level 120+ players to train. Listed below are the most common, though not easy, monsters on Wan Mountain. Slay them and you will progress very quickly.
Ophidian Man (Level 120)
They belong to the same clan as the Snakey Men in Miracle Town. They escaped to Wan Mountain in a panic after hearing of the fall of Miracle Town.
Snailman (Level 125)
They escaped to Wan Mountain during the Turmoil of Sky Lake, but they became evil monsters after imbibing the tainted water in Sky Lake.
Elite Archer (Level 132)
They are very capable pawns of the Flame Master. The crossbow in their hand is a powerful talisman which can attack at will and hit an enemy critically every time.
Dryad (Level 137)
The Dryads have been living in the Charitable Woods for generations. They are all endowed with the Far-sight Spirit and therefore very gentle. Nevertheless, they have never shown mercy to invaders.
Mephet (Level 148)
They are very fierce, giant birds adopted by the Flame Master. They all have extremely tough wings.
Flame Master (Level 170)
The Flame Master was originally one of the most talented apprentices of Master Mind. He is very clever, but narrow-minded and always seeking to prevail over others. However, Master Dazang, who was one of his fellow apprentices, has often defeated him, leading to an intense rivalry.
The restoration of the dignity of the Sun Warriors of Wan Mountain, as well as your own training, is all up to you.
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