Zu Online: Weapon Description

Swords are taken by Swordsmen as their main weapons. Swordsmen upgrade their own abilities

through upgrading their swords. High level Swordsmen are always the main force of a large

combat due to their powerful long-distance attack. Their Sword Skill is not only fatal,

but also righteous.

Beads are taken by Bead Fairies as their main weapons and they can be used to defend and

attack. Bead Fairies are proficient in Assistant Skills and Combat Formation, playing a

complementary role of Swordmen. In a party, players can activate the gorgeous continuous

attack through stepping Bead Fairies’ Combat Formation.

Vajras are taken by Sun Warriors as their main weapons. Combats involving Sun Warriors and

their powerful weapons feature exciting Double Hit Skills

Blades are taken by Moonmaidens as their main weapons. They can hit the enemies precisely

even in a chaotic battle.

Ribbons are taken by mysterious Summoners as their main weapons. They can be used to

summon strong gods to protect their masters and to attack the enemies.

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