Zu Online: Zin Palace Preview

Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com/) is a new MMORPG from IGG (www.igg.com). Today we are going to give players a little preview of the beautiful and mystical Zin Palace.
Zin Palace is a polished gem of the South Sea. The palace was built by Jingje, and innumerable rare treasures and mysterious books were hidden there. Jingje, the Master of the Monmaidens stayed in the palace for a very long time, afterwards she left the palace and disappeared. Ever since Jingje left, the palace has experienced both prosperity and disgrace, until the day the Zin Twins took charge of Zin Palace. It was then that the former glory and majesty was finally restored. However this time of peace and prosperity wasn’t meant to last and it wasn’t long before the Yuan-Ti, under Blood Demon’s control, invaded the palace. They set a clever Chess Trap to besiege Zin Palace, and the Zin Twins had no choice but to ask their disciples to escape to Desert City. Nowadays, the Moonmaidens anxiously await the day when they can return to Zin Palace!

Players can be teleported to Zin Palace by the Ride Guardian in the main city when they are level 40+.

The Zin Twins are in Purple Crystal Palace, and Moonmaidens can buy spell books from Zin Moonlight. Players can find the Gear Master Mussel Fairy in Gold Reef, she sells level 5 and level 6 equipment to all players. Players with too many items can find the Warehouse Master Kid Fisher to deposit their unused items, and he also sells tradeskill materials and tradeskill scrolls. Players can buy potions from the Medicine Master Coral Fairy, and these potions can be used to restore HP and MP. If players want to make money they can go to find Fudi on Isolation Mountain or Futan outside Purple Crystal Palace, and they will offer players the Commercial Travel quest, if they perform well, they can earn a lot of money, if not, then they may lose a lot of money.

The Ride Guardian Tei to the south of Coral Sea can teleport players to Purple Crystal Palace, Desert City, Swirling Path, and the Hexad Region. The Ride Guardian Xun on Isolation Mountain will teleport players to Desert City. The Ride Guardian Tai outside Purple Crystal Palace will teleport players to Desert City, Swirling Path, Hexad Region, Coral Sea and Seaside Path. While the Ride Guardian Zhaochao will only teleport players out of Purple Crystal Palace.

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