Ashes of Oahu Developer Blog 4: Factions Spotlight – Lava Dogs, Hawaiians, Raiders

Today, we have another exclusive Ashes of Oahu blog, focused on another group of factions! Thanks to them for sending this our way! Let’s learn more about the game’s factions.

In last week’s blog, we dove a little deeper into The Research Institute (T.R.I.) and the Islanders. In this week’s blog, we will take a look at the remaining factions that Kai will meet on his adventure throughout Ashes of Oahu. Kai will be able to interact with the Lava Dogs and Hawaiians and gain or lose reputation depending on his choices. The final faction, the Raiders, will always be his enemy.

The Lava Dogs:

Ashes of Oahu Exclusive Dev Blogs 2 - Lava Dogs

Before the Hekili Nui Marine Corps Base Hawaii dominated the peninsula that makes up the western coastline of Kanoe Bay. This is the original home of the Lava Dogs. The majority of the base was destroyed, and most of the Marines were killed. Fortunately, a number of the Marines survived because they were in air transport after a field exercise and avoided most of the damage. Shortly after the Event, this military force established themselves as a sort of peacekeeping force for the average Islander, not because they wanted to but because they felt it was their duty to. They had sworn an oath to defend these people against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They have since acted as arbiters of disputes, and helpers in the face of calamity. The Lava Dogs are skilled in the use of automatic weapons, and explosives and will be able to help Kai increase his proficiency with these items. Two of the earliest skills Kai will learn are Sidearms and Craft Bullets. Sidearms will increase Kai’s damage with pistols while Craft Bullets will allow Kai to craft bullets in the field. A later skill Kai will have the opportunity to learn is Automatic Weapons. This will increase Kai’s overall damage with automatic weapons.


Ashes of Oahu Exclusive Dev Blogs 2 - Hawaiians

Some Islanders witnessed the Hekili Nui and believed it to be direct intervention by the Akua. These Islanders peacefully united behind a family of Kanaka Maoli who claim to trace their bloodlines back to Hawaiian royalty of pre-colonial times. These Kanaka see themselves as the true inheritors of Oahu and believe that they are endowed by the Akua with the responsibility to lead and govern the entire island. The Hawaiians are few in number, and to many, they are merely rumors and stories of the old ways. In reality, they are a fundamentalist culture that views themselves as oppressed and fighting for their very survival. The other factions are keenly aware that the Hawaiians really exist and some actively prey on them. Because of their attunement with nature, the Hawaiians can improve both the body and spirit. If Kai chooses to assist them in maintaining their way of life, he can gain access to skills early on such as Sprinting, and Health. Sprinting will increase Kai’s run speed and prolong his stamina. Health improves Kai’s health pool. With continued support, Kai will gain access to Kapu Kuialua, which will increase his damage with melee weapons.


Ashes of Oahu Exclusive Dev Blogs 2 - Raiders

The raiders are the antithesis of all that is good about the island of Oahu. They are the vicious army of the Mad Kupua. Soulless husks with bodies covered in scarification, mutilation, and scrap metal armor. They fight relentlessly until the enemies of the Mad Kupua have all been destroyed or enslaved. They are the embodiment of evil incarnate. You can pre-order Ashes of Oahu now and receive access to the upcoming closed beta as well as 3 days early access once the game is released. Be among the first to assist the Lava Dogs and the Hawaiians in their efforts to reclaim Oahu or turn them into your mortal enemies as soon as the game launches!

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