Ashes of Oahu Development Blog – Take Down Outposts, Liberate the Island

Ashes of Oahu

Ashes of Oahu’s Wyrmbyte have a new developer blog, which can be found at this link. It talks about Outposts in Oahu, which are bases scattered about that are up for the taking from the hordes of the Pig God. A crucial part of gameplay, the more outposts the Raiders have, the more powerful they become – you want to curtail that at all costs. So the goal is to destroy their Raiders and take over their homes for yourself. The first Outpost players will come across is the Hanamura Parking Lot Outpost, which is heavily guarded.

There are several ways you can assault an outpost. Sometimes you’ll be best served by sniping guards from long distances, at other times you’ll want to sneak up on guards using the bushes to provide Kai with cover. Each outpost, however, will require slightly different tactics and you’ll want to adjust accordingly. Some outposts may not provide any bushes where you can hide, while another is in a location where the player has no mana to pull from. The Raiders will actively patrol the outposts searching for intruders. You can use this to your advantage and toss rocks to distract a Raider.

Be careful, they can and will call out for help if someone/something is suspicious, but you can throw rocks and things to distract them. Ultimately this is an important part of gameplay, and whomever controls an outpost, the encounters in that area will be affected by them- if you control it, you may see more of your allies/that faction, and if it’s controlled by Raiders, you’ll see more of them to deal with.

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