Ashes of Oahu Reveals the Forms of Kai

Ashes of Oahu devblog

The hero of Ashes of Oahu, Kai, will have several forms to make his travel much easier across the beautiful Hawaiian skies, land, and waters. They released a new developer diary today that goes into greater detail on that, which you can find the full link to here. For example, if you’re tired of walking, you can take the skies as a hawk, and glide to your heart’s content. If you need to head into the waters, you can travel safely as the mighty great mano. Should Kai earn favor with the akua, he can also turn into a shark. Yard-birds are another flying option for Kai, but one that offers more stealth. They also tease the legendary guardian mo’o, which is a powerful lizard that can belch out balls of magma, and leaves a fire in its wake. It sounds like Kai will have some terrific ways to get around Oahu in this post-apocalyptic setting.

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