Base Zodiac Review: Slow Pace and Generic

Base Zodiac Review: Slow Pace and Generic
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


The title of the game and its tagline usually tell you the type of gameplay you should expect from said game. However, Base Zodiac is one of those games where the title means very little in respect to what the game is supposed to be.


Here we go again

What we have in Base Zodiac is a game that puts you in the position of an owner of a planet chock full or resources that are ripe for the picking. As its owner, it is your responsibility to develop your planet to eventually grow your area of influence and get more planets to establish your empire. With that said, you can see that the game is one among dozens of space themed browser games. You rule, strategize and eventually conquer the weak in this repackaged browser game.


Your planet, Your rules

In Base Zodiac, developing your planet means developing its technology, structures and even creating new units. This concept of owning a planet and mining it for what’s it worth is the typical path games of this genre take and Base Zodiac is exactly like that. However, the game does at least provide you some .gif images that can move, call it a redeeming quality since it does get tiring playing text games of this type.


Resources ‘r us

When in games like this resource gathering is one of the most important actions you must do and Base Zodiac has four resources which you need to gather. The way you gather the resource is not much of a surprise, especially if you have already played games like this. Nothing new is added to the gathering formula, all you need to do is create the structure and let it harvest for you. Making upgrades to the gathering structures reward you with higher resource turnouts.


Base Zodiac



Base Zodiac’s actions are dictated by time, unlike turn based browser games, which use action points as their way of limiting a players action. This means that there can be a lull period before you get to witness the action you wanted your fleet to take. The use of time as the limiting factor for a players action is a double edged sword. It can either make the game boring because you have to wait for a certain period of time to elapse before you get to see some action or it can be good that there is a lull because you get to do something else before anything new happens.


Base Zodiac is a game that you can play while working on something else as the game literally takes time to play, being able to multi-task while playing is a redeeming quality because you can make the game a distraction while working without using much of your computers resources. On the other hand, if you are the kind of player that is practically glued to your chair and is itching for action, the game definitely kills your adrenaline rush.


Going About in the game

The game is basically point and click. Everything is done through your mouse. You won’t use any keyboard controls, unless it’s pressing F5 to refresh. The simplicity of the game controls adds to its charm as something of a semi-attention getting browser game. Of course the downside of this game is that it lacks enough encouragement for hardcore players.


Wiki Page

Base Zodiac has its own Wiki page set up but it’s not really as full as you’d expect. Plus there are images in the main page that are taken from other games. I really have to mention the Wiki page for Base Zodiac because it carries a lot of the bulk of the gameplay information. The FAQ and the in-game help guide only provides a portion of what you need to learn to be an effective “ruler” therefore the reliance on the game’s Wiki page.



Base Zodiac is like any other resource-centric browser-based game. It has everything a game of this genre has and with that said Base Zodiac doesn’t provide anything new added to gameplay. The lack of anything new or innovative in Base Zodiac is one of the things that makes me think twice about playing the game. Furthermore I encountered a problem with the private messaging system when I received a message. I was able to see that I had a message sent to me but I never got to read it. I have no idea if its part of the system or if it was just a rare case, but it did happen. Even with this flaw, I still say there are still enough merits for the game to make it playable. The one best merit for it would be that you can play the game anywhere. It doesn’t take resources from your computer. Plus, with your actions limited to real time you won’t have the reason to keep on looking at the game every minute or so.


Base Zodiac is a game that has a really slow pace therefore I strongly suggest if you are one of the hot-blooded players who want instantaneous action then you better veer away from this game. However if you are someone looking for a little distraction for work then this game is for you. Don’t let the lack of anything innovative hinder you from trying it, Base Zodiac is a solid browser game through and through.


The game is heavy graphically
There are no jargons in the game therefore you can understand and play the game on the onset
The game’s graphics are not static and provides a little change from the usual space browser games you play.


The interface sidebar is cluttered
The background would affect how much the game looks like
Gameplay is as generic as they come.

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