BattleField Heroes Preview: Newest Installment Released

By Bryan King (Bryan), Onrpg writer

BattleField: Heroes is only recently released, so here is the preview that was made during the Beta phase. Atten-hut, soldier! Are you ready to experience EA and DICE’s newest installment of the Battlefield series?


Battlefield: Heroes is DICE’s newest Battlefield game. What’s the catch? It’s completely free to play! This new game takes a whole new direction on portraying the theatre of war, with a more casual, comical, cartoonish look, set during World War II. Both of these factions are fighting over the outcome of an Olympics Cycling Event.

New Release

Battlefield: Heroes consists of two factions, both of which are chosen during character creation. The National Army portrays the World War II German-style faction. The Royal Army portrays a British/American-style faction. Characters that join the National Army typically wear darker, more mysterious colors. Characters that join the Royal Army will wear lighter, boisterous colors.

Each of these factions have the choice of three classes. The Commando, who specializes in hit-and-run tactics, sniping, and stealth tactics. The Soldier, who inherits basic armament (such as shotguns, submachine guns, and pistols) and balanced speed. And the Gunner, who has slow running speed but can use heavy weapons such as anti-tank weapons, shotguns, and heavy machine guns. Battlefield Heroes also has “abilities” that are both universal and class-specific. For example, the Commando has an ability called “Cloak” that makes them invisible unless in close distance to an enemy, the Soldier has an ability called “Grenade Spam” that allows them to throw five grenades at once, and the Gunner has a skill called “I Eats Grenades” that allows them to “eat” grenades for health.

Players are able to level in-game by completing Missions, which are individually completed tasks for players. For example, a mission could be to gain five kills in one game. Another way to level is by capturing flag-points, healing teammates, and gaining special kills such as running over users with cars, gaining headshots, etc. Thus, players are able to buy new weapons, emoticons, and abilities as they level with VP, a spendable currency that is earned through missions and playing in games.

Joining a game of BF:H isn’t like your ordinary shooter. BF:H uses an advanced matchmaking system to better ensure players’ gameplay experience. The matchmaking system takes account of player skill level, actual level, and which faction a player is to further balance the on-going game. Heroes uses a tweaked version of DICE’s Conquest Mode previously used in past installments of Battlefield. Each team starts with 50 points and two flags, with more flags being available spread at strategic points on the map. Killing enemy players decreases enemy points, and owning more flags than the enemy team acts as a multiplier for decreased tickets on the other team. Spawn times are 5 seconds, as disparate to the typical Battlefield-oriented 15 seconds, to keep the action going.

Instead of choosing spawn points from already-captured points, BF:H’s Intelligent Spawn System spawns players at the flag closest to a large battle. BF:H includes vehicles that are modeled after realistic WWII transports. Including various tanks, jeeps, airplanes, anti-air and tank turrets. Friendly players can jump on the wings of a plane that is being taken into the air by a teammate and fire their weapons from there.

In the Battlefield

Battlefield: Heroes has limitless customization. Players are able to customize their skin color, hair, facial hair, face, head, neck, accessory, body, chest, hands, waist, legs and feet.


You start out in the Pacific Theatre by customizing your character with a faction and class. You are given the option participate in a tutorial that outlines the basic information you need to function in the game. In your first time playing in a game, you will be thrown onto your friendly faction’s team. You will participate in a battle to capture strategic points, as stated before. Playing as a Soldier, I quickly made my way around my spawn. I came into contact with an enemy Commando, who tried to snipe me from the shade of the tree. I pulled out my “Slugger”, a type of shotgun in the game, and finished him quickly with a couple of well-placed shots. Moving forward, I found a plane near the Port of the map, and took my place as the pilot while some friendly players jumped on the wings for some aerial support. Making our way to provide cover to our team on the ground, we instantaneously racked up kills.

Battlefield: Heroes’ gameplay options are endless. With a hefty assortment of abilities, weapons, and vehicles, it seemed like every game I played had a different scenario. There’s a sniper defending a chokepoint, we need to get reinforcements there! Check. There’s an enemy anti-air turret that needs to be destroyed! Check. There’s an enemy Commando who’s cutting our line of defense! Check. On the flip side, I found the fact that you’re doing most of the same objectives in a game… boring. Capturing points, fragging other players, racking up kills in a constant stream can only stay fun for so long. I look forward to the developers adding more gameplay options, to bring players more ways to better the game. DICE has outdone themselves this time, and with a fresh breath of life in the F2P Shooter genre, gamers both casual and hardcore will both enjoy the gameplay BF:H has to offer.


Graphics and Audio

The Battlefield series has always offered gritty, realistic games. What comes along with that is… gritty, realistic graphics. Battlefield Heroes’ visuals take a new look on the series’ past. This time, BF:H offers a cartoony, colorful look on the theatre of war. Don’t let that fool you though, BF:H’s graphics still bid high according to present gamers’ wants. The textures in the game look very well made, vehicle and gun renders are physically sound, and abilities have a unique animation.

The Audio in Battlefield: Heroes has to be one of the most impressive things, in my opinion. With my headset on, the audio had me believing I was watching a World War II documentary on my computer. Gunshots, grenades, screams and cheers from both allied and enemy players alike, all perfectly setting the WWII Battlefield.

Personal Final Impressions

Battlefield: Heroes has brought a new name to the free to play shooter genre. Hardcore and casual players will be attracted to the game’s unique features, limitless replayability, interesting customization, and impressive audio and visuals.

– Impressive Customization
– Unique Graphics
– Awesome Audio

– Repetitive Gameplay Options
– Some parts feel like you need no team.

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