Battlestate Games Announces 2018 Escape from Tarkov Dev Plans


Battlestate Games has already published a map of innovations and updates that are planned for Escape from Tarkov in 2018 (seen here). The studio is finishing preparations for the Open Beta test, with a focus on the technical conditioning of the game. That is to say, solving all known errors that break the gameplay or the game, optimizing the network code for the purposes of reducing the frequency of desynchronization, reducing delays and eliminating disconnects, as well as improving overall game performance. Though the studio will commence adding new features and mechanics, the order of their appearance in game has not been determined, and are subject to change

“We shall continue to go down the hardcore road, with ceaseless improvement of realistic component,” says Nikita Buyanov, the head of the Battlestate Games. “In other words, the game will be becoming more realistic and hard. The desired degree of immersion and realism will be achieved through introduction of various features to complement the current system.”

There are absolutely tons of ideas and mechanics being added to Escape from Tarkov, and it is fascinating to see such a hardcore game build from nothing to where it is now. From Stimulants, adding more animations, vast areas to explore, constructing your own hideout, to having an Arena as a separate game mode, Escape from Tarkov has a ways to go yet, but it could be a breakout star of the hardcore shooter genre in 2018.

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