BlackShot Review – BLOOD AND GOOOOOREE!!

BlackShot Review – BLOOD AND GOOOOOREE!!
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


If you’re looking for a good MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) game then I suggest you try BlackShot. Much like its counterparts in the FPS genre, Blackshot takes players into an arena of wanton murder and bulletmadness. Not much has changed since the era of Counterstrike and Quake 3. You will be given some scenarios aside from the deathmatch setting, or other scenarios that are merely just renamed or tampered versions of capture the flag and plant the bomb. So what exactly makes Blackshot review stand out among its counterparts, let alone its predecessors?


A Land Of No Difference

One thing about these first person shooter games is that they don’t really differ much from one another. Some have better graphics, some have more versionsof the same playstyle, your choice. MMOFPSes are one of the most awesome casual games to have on your PC, giving you non-linear experience of deaths and kills, depending on your enemies (whether they’re that good or not). What’s great about this specific genre is the skill factor involved. This means that even though you have a 1 shot kill sniper rifle on your hands, other people can still beat you with a handgun if you don’t know how to use it. Anyway, instead of focusing on their similarities, let’s see what makes this game different in its own way.


Character Creation
Character Creation


The Game Modes

Blackshot Online has 4 different gamemodes:


1) TDF- TDF is basically capture the flag. In this mode, players must work together in order to take the enemy’s flag to gain points. Note that each kill gives you points as well, but capturing the flag gives you more points than killing people. The team with the most points when time runs out or the first team to reach the given point mark wins.


2) SD- The SD scenario is the game’s renamed version of the old plant the bomb scenario. If you’re familiar with Counter-Strike, then you will probably have a big blast with this game mode (no pun intended). So far, nothing has been changed with the system. It’s still the same Plant the Bomb scenario stated 10 years ago.


3) DA- Awesome! We seem to have stumbled across a very unique feature. DA mode is the same as horde mode and fire fight in Halo ODST and Gears of War. It feels a lot like Left 4 Dead as well, since you’ll be teaming up with 3 more players (optional) in a first person tower defense scenario. So far, this mode is a Blackshot exclusive. It’s also extremely fun, so you might want to download the game to try it out.


(teamspeak with cursing makes it x2 the fun)


4) TDM- Finally an acronym that hasn’t been touched. For those of you who don’t know, TDM stands for Team Death Match– the default system in any FPS multiplayer. Just as the name suggests, teams must take part in a glorious battle to attain the most frags. KICK THE FEEDERS!


Blackshot Aim Fire Gun
Perfecting Strategies


After each game, the points are tallied and you will be presented with the player rankings to see how much you rocked and sucked during the match. I know the game has 4 game modes to choose from, and each of them has a good set of maps to prevent you from experiencing a linear set of matches while playing the game. The game also has a decent number of maps with different sniper points and assault points, so master them all and gain the upper advantage.


The MMO Factor

Not contented with your firearms? Are you not comfortable with your MP5? Then come on over to the item shop to find the right gun for you! Much like any other MMOFPS to date, BlackShot online lets players groom their soldiers as they level up through endless combat experience. Note that ranking up or leveling up helps a lot in this game. First of all, it allows you to get additional skills known as TACTICS that will further compliment your playstyle. Take it as the perks (Call of Duty) of Blackshot Online, where you give your character extra gimmicks to make the game more interesting both in group and individual perspectives.


Blackshot Tactics
Blackshot Tactics: Kill


Some boost your HP, some gives you extra accuracy aimbot like advantages when using sniper rifles, and others boost your grenade radius. It really depends on which one you choose to make your character more formidable so think about which tactic to pursue. Gaining ranks also increases your selection when attaining new weapons, so gear up and fight more. Another factor you should consider is your character’s armor, which prevents you from getting killed fast thus becoming the feeder that eventually leads your team on the losing end.



Blackshot graphics are bearable but not as impressive as its counterparts. If I must compare, Blackshot’s visuals are like a toned down version of Combat Arms. The graphics aren’t that bad and the game still plays well (just wanna clear that up) regardless of the nerfed graphics. Even if you’re the graphic type of player, the game still isn’t that bad to keep you from admiring the view.


The Verdict

MMOFPSes are no longer new, nor do they differ that much from one another. In my opinion, each game attains loyalty either by community or loyalty, definitely not through their systems (in my opinion at least). Blackshot online does have a few perks that separates it from other games like Combat Arms and Warrock, but it definitely provides the same experience catered by the other games in its respective genre. This isn’t really something that should prevent you from playing the game; in fact, I’d like to encourage you to try it out. It’s a good casual game, and perhaps a good way to relieve stress…. KILL EM ALL!


The good:
– Lots of arenas
– DA mode is still awesome
– Lots of wepons to choose from
– Healthy community.


The bad:
– Old graphics
– Nothing here is that new to consider it DIFFERENT
– A few bugs here and there.

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