Blood Ancestors Brings Team-Based Medieval Combat to Life

Blood Ancestors Open Beta

Spanish developer Snowpeak Studios first game has been announced in the form of Blood Ancestors. It’s set to be a team-based multiplayer game set in a medieval fantasy universe and is setting its sights for an Early Access release on Steam this August. They have also announced an open beta is coming within the next few weeks. Blood Ancestors is trying to shake up first-person multiplayer games by adding a two-phase gameplay system to keep teams on their toes, and giving challenging objectives with an ultimate goal of being to claim the Blood Relic. The first phase is Claiming the Relic, and then they must run it to the enemy portal in the second phase before time runs out, or if their Relic bearer dies.

Three warring factions are duking it out to claim the all-powerful Blood Relic for their own survival in a dying and ruin-filled medieval fantasy world. Claiming the Blood Relic will require your team of five to strategize and work together in fast-paced melee driven combat to take the Relic. Players can expect quick rounds in Blood Ancestors, and full games lasting around 25 minutes. Players will also have customizable skill trees and class configurations, to offer more tactical options to the game. More information on the open beta will be coming next week as well.

“We are excited to announce Blood Ancestors and we as a team cannot wait to dive into the fast-paced action with players very soon.” Said David Broto, Technical Director and co-founder of Snowpeak. “Blood Ancestors is our studio’s debut game and it’s our passion project from start to finish. We hope that the phase system in particular, as well as the general gameplay, will appeal to fans of team-based multiplayer games as we feel that changing the objectives during gameplay adds a certain interesting element to the genre.”

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