Bomber Crew’s Second DLC and American Edition Bundle Available On Console

Bomber Crew and its second DLC are now available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and the Nintnedo Switch. The DLC itself is available for 6.99, and the American Edition bundle (includes the base game + USAAF DLC) is available for 19.99, with a 20% discount for two weeks. The USAAF DLC showed up on PC last October and has a wealth of new content coming with it. Players receive their own WW2 Bomber Crew that can be recruited, trained and upgraded, and then you must guide them to victory. Plenty of challenges await from enemy fire, unstable weather, enemy radar, and dreaded enemy Aces.

“Following its hugely successful launch last year we’re delighted to bring the USAAF DLC to consoles for the very first time,” said Cédrine Décoret, Product Manager at Curve Digital. “Bomber Crew continually picks up new players and we can’t wait for any new recruits to get under way with this meaty DLC.”

“USAAF will give players an all-new campaign in an awesome new setting,” said Jon Wingrove, Co-Founder and programmer at Runner Duck. “We hope players enjoy all the new content and in particular piloting the beautifully chromed American Bomber, which holds more crew members than ever, presenting new options and challenges for seasoned players!”

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